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Charles' 28-day challenge

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I'm late getting this posted up, but have been working on it since the 1st.

Here's the goals:

- 200,000-250,000m on the erg (hopefully closer to the 200km side, but I'll be away from an erg while I'm travelling for a week)

- Eat between 2,000 and 2,500 [healthy] calories per day.

- EAT BREAKFAST! (I've been buying oatmeal that's quite healthy to cover this)

- Lose 3-5 pounds (getting into maintenance mode at this point)

- Drop body fat by at least 1%

Here's where I stand:

- Weight: 187.2lbs

- Body fat: 16.5%

Here's the summary:

March 1:

Calories: 2197

Ate well, but skipped workout because my Step-mom was staying with us for a few days and needed to get her settled in.

Grade: B+ (Gotta take a day off now and again...)

March 2:

Calories: 2077

Personal training day (arms/upper-body). But also hit the erg for 12,141m (12,141m total)

Grade: A+ (Cardio, weights, and good food)

March 3:

Calories: 2267

Rowing training for 1 hour. 14,705m (26,846m total)

Grade: A

March 4:

Calories: 2698

Rowing training for 1 hour, and set a PERSONAL BEST! 15,410m (42,256m total)

Grade: B- (Ate too much... but it was tasty and at least the food itself was mostly healthy...)

March 5:

Calories: 2299

30 minutes on the erg for 7,430m (49,686m total). And a legs and lower body workout with the trainer.

Grade: A+ (Another solid day of eating and exercising!)

March 6:

Calories: 2240

Skipped the gym, but ate well for the day. Also managed to walk about 5 miles around the malls/shops I visited.

Grade: B

March 7:

Calories: 1819

Rowing training for 1 hour! 14,512m (56,768m total)

Grade: A- (Gotta get more calories when my workout burns 1000+)

March 8:

Calories: 1630

I have to eat more... which sounds weird. But I keep running out of daylight before I eat enough.

Rowed a half marathon (21,097m for 77,865m total) today in a pretty decent time for me, just over 90 minutes.

Grade: A-

March 9:

Calories: 2698

Upper-body training. This was a serious workout because it was just me and the trainer (normally my wife and I both work with the trainer at the same time). My arms still don't want to work right...

Grade: A

Hopefully I'll make it to the gym tomorrow, but I may not. Then comes the big test of my vacation. If I can stay on top of working out for the next week, and keep my food intake reasonable, I'll be in great shape moving forward. Still gotta get another 125km by the end of the month on the erg!

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March 11

Calories: Between 2500 and 3000.

Didn't make it to the gym, but hiked about 5-7 miles around Manhattan. Ate pretty well, considering. More fat that I should have consumed, and the bread in NYC was never "just" bread.

Grade: C+

March 12

Calories: Between 2000 and 2500.

Didn't make it to the gym again, but the maps say we hiked close to 10 miles around Manhattan. Ate well, today! Found a place called Energy Kitchen, which helped a TON since it's a healthier place to eat!!! Once again, my total fat was higher than I wanted.

Grade: B

March 13

Calories: Between 5000 and a million, I'm sure.

No gym. Only made it a few miles because of torrential downpours. Then the wedding. Amazing appetizers, 6 courses, open bar... who knows how much I consumed. But, every once in a while you just have to say "forget it" and go with it. This was DEFINITELY one of those times. My oldest friend's wedding!

Grade: A for effort. F for execution. ;)

So far today hasn't been great, but it hasn't been horrible, either. I am definitely picking the best of what's available. Eating a LOT of fruit when I can. Next update from Vegas.

PS - This update was brought to you from 38,000ft on my way to Vegas.

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Another plane... another post:

March 14

Calories: At least 3000.

Once again no gym, but in addition to some more walking around NYC, there was also the sprint at the airport and walking in Las Vegas Ate pretty well, except for breakfast when I had bacon. More fat that I should have consumed.

Grade: B-

March 15

Calories: Between 3000 and 4000.

I've given up on the gym for this conference, it's just not going to happen. However, I am walking about 5 miles a day, so that counts for something. Breakfast was healthy, but lunch was not, dinner was a joke at Hard Rock Cafe.

Grade: C-

March 16

Calories: Between 2500 and 3000

No gym again. Walked absolutely ALL OVER THE PLACE! Food was actually pretty tame. Healthy breakfast, decent lunch and some sushi for dinner. Only indulgence was a Frozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity 3.

Grade: B+

That brings us to today. Calories are likely to be low because I missed lunch making an earlier flight and breakfast was healthy. Who knows what dinner will be, but I DO know that I'll be glad to be home! Can't wait to try out my new erg seat cushion! I may row 50k tomorrow just because I can! *Probably not, though. ;)

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March 18

Calories: 1701

I ate very well yesterday, and rowed a half marathon bringing my total distance to 98,962m which is about halfway to my goal!

I will probably be rowing pretty hard for the rest of the 28 days, because I am rowing with my virtual team for the World Rowing Challenge on the C2 website.

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March 19

Calories: 1820

Back into my routine of oatmeal for breakfast, a healthy lunch and then dinner/snack after a workout. Today was a legs day with my personal trainer, but I also worked in 30 minutes on the erg beforehand. (7,364m for a total of 106,326m)

Would like to give a shout-out to where I ate for dinner. It's a place in Sandy Springs, just off Roswell Road (near Atlanta for those not nearby) called Evos. I LOVE their food, and it's HEALTHY FAST FOOD! Check out their website here: http://www.evos.com Who knew you could have a Burger, Fries, and a Shake for only 970 calories and 29g of fat? And it's TASTY to boot!

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March 20

Calories: 2921

It was my sister's birthday, so I ate well for lunch, but it was her call for dinner, and we had hibachi... plus I had to drive to Athens, so I couldn't go to the gym.

Grade: C+

March 21

Calories: 1580

Didn't work out because I felt like I was run over by a bus, but ate decently, so that counts for something.

Grade: B+

March 22

Calories: 1430

Despite feeling a little under the weather still, I rowed 10km at the gym (for a total of 116,326m) and ate a REALLY nice balanced diet for the day. Good protein, low fat, and low cal. Overall great day, especially considering how I felt.

Grade: A+!

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