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*bows* An honor, it is. ;)

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Hey all! First thing to know about me: Star Wars all the way, man. I'm not a fanatic or anything. I don't own robes or watch Clone Wars or collect the trading cards. But, I do have a deep respect for the massivity (that's not a word) of the SW universe. I think it's an awesome story, and I definitely pull ideas from the Jedi/(things the Jedi characters came from) into my life. I am a Buddhist-in-training, and I am currently of the weight loss category of people here. I am 300 lbs at 6 foot 1. And, I'd like to weigh around 210-220. While that's not skinny, I don't plan on being "thin"; I plan on being healthy and in shape.

There's not too much I would like to say about my "life" beyond my wants and desires for you to read my blog: empyrealoasis.wordpress.com. It's spiritual treatise. So, don't go if you aren't interested in that sort of thing. I am a composer. My majors are Composition and Vocal Performance, and my minor is Creative Writing. You can tell that I want to be poor. ;) That's ok with me. Excess is not for me. I live in Arlington, TX during the summer, and I live in Bloomington, IN during the school year. I attend and am a Sophomore at Indiana University.

Lastly, I am a firm believer in working out the mind as well as working out the body. Without both, we are fools with bodies or brawn without smarties.... Sorry. I'll never try and rhyme again.

Kaden Sunglider

Panda Adventurer

STR: 3 DEX: 1 STA: 2 CON: 4 WIS: 4 CHA: 1

All that can be accomplished is within the self. Find the truth of your situation, and the way to victory will be paved in gold.

Current Challenge: http://www.nerdfitness.com/community/showthread.php?13576-The-First-Journey&p=198277#post198277

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