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Best paleo books?


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In order.

  1. It Starts With Food
    • The layman's reading on everything paleo, including recipes, vegan/vegetarian options, and why paleo is paleo.

[*]The Paleo Solution

  • In depth look and a practical approach.

[*]Well Fed (cookbook)

  • Extremely practical cooking.

Bought it last night. So far do good. Thanks for the suggestion.

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I've recently gotten 'Eat Like a Dinosaur' from Paleo Parents. It's a great fun book full of alternative recipes for things 'normal' people eat. Not that it bothers us too much, but excellent for the days the kids flat refuse to eat anything other than nuggets. Also good for birthday parties etc.

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I'm currently reading It Starts with Food & I'm loving it. It may go above The Paleo Solution which is currently my top choice. Although Dallas and Melissa have yet to call me Cupcake or Sweetheart like Robb, but I haven't made it to the tough love part yet. I've also read the Primal Blueprint which I liked a lot, I just like 'Paleo' better than 'primal' although I still read MDA. I'm lactose intolerant for starters, so I never had dairy & I'm trying to be more strict that the 80/20 rule of the PB. I would really like to get Well Fed & I've had my eye on Make It Paleo & Paleo Comfort Foods. My wife & son aren't paleo yet but I hope to get them on the bandwagon after my wife has our second child in August. I planed on buying Eat like a Dinosaur then because my son is absolutely obsessed with Dinosaurs & I hope it's help get him on board at least.

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There has come out a ton of new books during the year since this thread started, as anyone's view on the best book changed?

Also, I'm thinking about gifting paleo books to some friends.

No 1: young woman with body issues and soon have tried every diet on the planet, which I'd like a book that focus on thoughts, feelings and changing mindset to healthy.

No 2: person that is interested in an active, alternative lifestyle, recently talked about going vegetarian for ethical reasons, that doesn't read long or complicated books (=standard books) but needs all the "Why?"s.

Ideas? The standard starting guides doesn't seem like the best choice for them.

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I would say It Starts With Food would work for both of those. I just read it the other day and it's a fantastic book. It starts out talking about WHY the foods we think are healthy actually make us fat, WHY we can't stop eating them, WHY we get cravings and end up with unhealthy psychological relationships with food. Then it goes into the sciency stuff on why and how certain foods are not contributing  positively to our health, and then why and how other foods do, then it details the Whole30 and gives their meal plans and recipes. 

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Against all grain is new out and whilst I haven't tried any of the recipes just yet it's got sum great looking recipes. Has a recipe for sweet potato chips/ fries with a tip 2 soak in ice water for a hour so that they come out of the oven crispy instead of soft. Need 2 get on that as I was missing the crunch of ordinary chips with my steak. Also nom nom paleo is out later in the year and her recipes on the blog are amazing and for real foodie types. Really looking forward to that 1!

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One of my favorites is Practical Paleo: http://www.amazon.com/Practical-Paleo-Customized-Whole-Foods-Lifestyle/dp/1936608758/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1377029765&sr=8-1&keywords=practical+paleo. It does a pretty good job of breaking down the Paleo lifestyle and also has some pretty good recipes in it! They have some really great spices that you can make that really change up the meats that you are eating so it is not just chicken, chicken, beef, chicken... all the time :)

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This is also not Paleo, but if you're looking for a book that might win someone over on a lifestyle, Beyond Bacon is one of the most beautiful books I own. It talks about a couple's decision to transition to paleo, and then goes into so much detail on pastured pigs (including recipes). The book definitely inspires you (or at least it did me) to live a paleo-like life. And the book itself has beautiful pictures. It made me want to move to a farm!

That's my suggestion. I do like Robb Wolf's Paleo Solution, but some of the stuff in the book (especially with supplement suggestions) is out-dated. If you like podcasts, I'd actually suggest the Paleo Solution podcast as a great starting point. I like to listen to it on walks or long bike rides. It's very doable stuff, and they make it so conquerable.

One of my biggest turnoffs with the paleo diet is that it's a little elitist (except here - seriously NF is in an alternate universe), and strangely competitive (Who can be the best paleoist?). But I don't think Robb makes it elitist, although he is very straight-forward and has his opinion (which doesn't bother me, even if I'm not quite on the same page with him).

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