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BLTN Challenge (AKA-Better Late Than Never Challenge)


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at least that's more benefit than a 3am bender or video game.

Ha! Here I'll date myself: I remember when I use to cycle days playing Dark Forces II on a super tight dial up modem. Just stay up later and later every night until eventually I was going to bed early and had lost a night somewhere in there!

Those days are long gone. Between the semi-permanently cramped shoulder, the eye twitch and the girlfriend, I walked away and never really looked back. I pretty much existed in that world for a while... That's where "Ergolad" partially came from.

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Overall a decent week.

Had quite a few union events that created networking opportunities. Feel that was sufficient for meeting my quota. In a week I start work. Would be lying to say I wasn't feeling some nerves.

Meditation has been going strong. I stopped trying to get it in before midnight and just decided doing it once a day during my waking hours was sufficient. Would like to be starting the day with it, but just not there yet.

Sleep has been reasonable. I'd say 6 out of 10. Thinking about getting a Zeo. Maybe if I turn it into a tech game...

BD25K Training on track. Big run Sunday to the Hollywood Sign & back. Kicked my ass. But it left me feeling that if I keep up with my training, I should be strong for the race.


Started a Nerd Fitness tribe at TribeSports as well as a challenge. Not sure how I feel about that site, seems like a lot of people just mindlessly trying to bump up their ranking with no real content or significant communication. We'll see. I've been playing with different sites lately, frustrated with RunKeeper.

Hope everyone is doing well. May take my challenge through the off week, as I got a late start.

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Looks like you're doing well...it's good to see!

I just got a golf ball from my step mom to try, so far I'm kinda wimpy but will stick with it. I think that I will have to try a massage in the near future.

Celtic ScoutLevel 4Str 8 | Dex 7.5 | Sta 12.25 | Con 9 | Wis 10.5 | Cha 7.75Battle Log"Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Alrighty. Ended this week by traveling to NJ to visit with my brother, his wife and my two little nephews (3 & 1 yrs old). Fly back to LA on Monday afternoon.

I intend on extending my 6 week challenge through to the start of the next one, as I got a late start on this one by a week.

WORK - Went to a screening of a project I worked on. Got to touch base with people and network a bit. Not much networking otherwise. I start work Tues. Plan on doing a big emailing next weekend, letting folks know I'm starting on this thing. Will make up for any slacking. As the primary goal was to get work, I'm calling this already a success. But, I also want to maintain employment, so it's important I continue with this networking, even while I'm employed.

BD25K - So far been pretty much on track with my training. Modified it a bit this week, as I was a bit burnt from last Sundays Hollywood Sign run. Happy to be maintaining my runs while traveling. My brother lives where I grew up, so it's nice to run around my old town. Not to mention it pissed down rain today. Great fun to run through! Bummed that my shoes are soaked through. Hope they dry out by tomorrow. Of course if it rains again, who cares!

MEDITATION - Missed my first day of meditation yesterday traveling. Was totally exhausted. I'm giving myself this one. Otherwise, getting at least 10-20 mins, sometimes 30. Had a strange conflict with someone early this last week. Nice little insight about it came through my meditation. Empowering.

SLEEP - My sleep, especially with travel, has been $H!+.

Looking forward to the next 6-Weeker. But I still get to see how well I can maintain this current one while working.

Best to everyone!

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Looks good! Running in the rain can be exhilarating or a real pain...glad to see your experience was a good one...and I appreciate your comment on meditation offering some insight on a situation...it's never wasted time to meditate.

Good luck on your final week...am looking forward to (hopefully) working on pull ups with you next time.

Celtic ScoutLevel 4Str 8 | Dex 7.5 | Sta 12.25 | Con 9 | Wis 10.5 | Cha 7.75Battle Log"Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Well, due to a late start, I finished my first challenge a week after everyone else. As expected, starting back to work I got derailed from posting updates. My final week was pretty solid:

BD25K TRAINING: Kept on track with my training and adapted as necessary. Made some minor adjustments here and there with scheduling and injury prevention, but feel very good about my performance. Earned DEX:1, CON:3 & STA:2.

MEDITATE DAILY: Of the entire period I missed 2 days. I consider that a win. Earned WIS:3.

SLEEP: This was almost an entire fail. I made improvements and am definetly moving in the right direction, but I don't feel really comfortable giving myself any points here. If anything I'd give myself +0.25, just for turning the corner, but I'm calling it a big fat ZERO.

WORK: I did great on this! I kept networking and am now employed through to next year. On top of that, instead of hiring me for a lesser position that I interviewed for, I was giving a more senior position with better pay and job responsibilities that I prefer. The trick now will be to not get so caught up in work that I forget to keep communication lines open. The key is to not fall out of the loop as I did this last year, and to maintain relationships, staying on people's short list. The nature of my work could turn into unemployment tomorrow, and I also want to stay open to opportunities to move up elsewhere (something not frowned upon in my industry). But I feel very blessed to have the position I do and look forward to seeing how things evolve! Earned WIS:2 & CHA:2.

In addition to my goals I participated into a few mini-challenges which are also incorporated into my stats.


STR: 2 | DEX: 3 | STA: 6 | CON: 5 | WIS: 7 | CHA: 5

Moving forward I'm already starting to run into issues maintaining the progress I made during this challenge. The demands of my new position at work are making it difficult to not only keep things up, but I'm also having a hard time participating on the forum, let alone even report back and close out this challenge.

So rather than try to start up another 6-Weeker, I'm going to set one goal:

Maintain what I've accomplished thus far to the best of my ability while I adapt to my new schedule.

I'll see you guys on the next one, and have ideas percolating, such as getting my Tai Chi practice jump started again. I'll try and drop in when I can, and really appreciate all the support you've provided over the last challenge. It was great and I look forward to participating in another one soon!!

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