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We've covered a huge distance over the past week, and have spied the enemy (see debrief below). The good news is that we are in a strong position to engage them. The bad news is that we've left our support miles behind us. There is only one thing to do. We need to stall the enemy and buy some time for the Muscle to arrive. This week, we will be engaging in guerrilla-style tactics. We will strike the enemy, then retreat, move to another position, then hit them again. We will try to force them to stand still, or even retreat as we wait for reinforcements.


This week is all about Fartleks! (stop laughing!) For those of you who don't know what Fartleks are, they're essentially unstructured intervals. For example, you're running at a normal pace, then sprint 40m to the next tree...return to your normal pace, then sprint to the end of the block...repeat. The length of the intervals and the amount of time between them is variable, and is entirely up to you. The point of Fartleks is to keep your body guessing, which will in turn help you improve your overall running ability.

This week you will need to include at least 5 Fartlek-style intervals into one of your runs. Distance is not important. I want to see you mix it up and throw a curve ball to your body.

Any and all scouts who participate in this week's challenge will receive +1 Dexterity (DEX) attribute.

All you need to do to register your challenge result is to reply to this post with the total distance run and number of Fartleks completed.


Last week's mission was very well executed. Many of our fellow rebels from other guilds were helped to achieve their own objectives, and we covered a huge distance. As a reward for all of you who participated, the following Scouts will be commended:

For Solo Efforts (+1 STA)







Fitness Padawan











Sage cicada



For Cross-Guild Efforts (+1 CHA)





Well Done Scouts!


Scout Commander (ret.)

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Got mine out of the way early this week - I did 6 intervals in a 4.5 mile run. Fun challenge even if the weather is still a bit warm for my tastes!

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I would love some ideas on how to do this challenge without running....

when I hear about fartleks it's usually with running but I don't think it would be a problem doing it on a bike.

Another option would be for you to walk instead or run and jog short sections for the intervals and then go back to walking. If that's too much for you, no problem, just walk faster for the intervals.

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@Ladywildross, Can't see why you wouldn't be able to do it, or something rather like it, on a bike. Fartlek is generally about the speed play, so just go to town and have some fun with your cycling workout.

@Dawsy, did I miss the cutoff for reporting on the last challenge? Thought I had it in before but I guess not.

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Done - 5 in 2.4k, which I like to believe led to my second best time - I'm working on being able to do 2.4k(weird distance I know) in 15mins, my best time so far is 16.38, todays time was 16.55,

STR – 24.45, DEX – 13.50, STA – 23.50, CON – 21.40, WIS – 27.65, CHA – 4.50
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Nice challenge! Had a practice this morning during my 1 km run to my ride to work. I did startle one poor lady as I ran past her but I had to be sure she was the innocent passer by she appeared to be and not one of the enemy trying to hide in the populous - she was clean :-)

Going to keep it up this week!

Ladywildross, for what it's worth, I agree with the others, I think its quite within the spirit of the challenge to do your fartleks on a bike if that works best for you, go for it!

I was proud of myself this morning, I haven't been able to exercise for a week due to a cold / sinus, and I almost convinced myself I needed another day off, but i did the right thing and got out in the gym and I felt great for it, so I was happy with myself!

Hope you are all winning today to!

And happy 4 th of July to everyone in the USA!



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4 miles, 8 fartleks on Tuesday, July 3...it was a great workout too!

@Dawsy - I didn't see my name for Challenge 2, but I believe that I did not report it correctly, as I replied to the thread then later noticed I should have posted to the linked form... :( I guess that I'm not very observant for a Scout...can you please cut me a break this time?

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I was hoping to be able to do these today, but my left quad has been acting up all week, so I'm forced to sit this one out. I did interval running on both Monday and Wednesday, but those were both "structured" (100M and 800M). Hopefully I'll be back to full health and ready to do the next challenge by Monday.

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Alllllrightttttt. I couldn't help myself. I'd pretty much resigned myself to skipping this challenge, concerned the sprints would aggravate my foot. But I got up on the ridge line of this 3+ mile trail run I had scheduled for today and just couldn't help myself.

Total mileage 3.94 miles, 7 Farklets mostly along the ridge. Anytime it leveled out I sprinted until it started to incline or decline. That led to a nice spontaneous variation.

My mantra has been "If you can't stay mindful, you're either running too fast or too far!"

Great job everyone who's participated!

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