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Why don't you cook more often?

Why don't you cook more often?  

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  1. 1. Why don't you cook more often?

    • Lazy / motivation -- If there was the right incentive, I might
    • I don't know how -- I would if I knew how
    • I don't have the right ingredients in my house
    • It's too expensive -- I would if you sent me "make this, cheap!" recipes
    • Nothing I make tastes good -- I would if it tasted better
    • I have no interest in cooking
    • This just isn't a part of my routine / habits
    • It takes too much time -- I would if you sent me "make this, fast" recipes
    • It takes me forever to do basic stuff, like chop veggies. I'd have to get better at that first.
    • I know I should, and I kinda want to, I just don't feel like investing time in figuring this out

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I think the most popular answer is the one that is not in the poll: cleaning after.*

I as well enjoy cooking a lot. I find it fascinating to find new recipes andntry to cook them. I also enjoy the community that forms when you share your food, and I have a couple of friends that love to come and share my food (they bring the ingredients, so I basically become their cook). And while I do not think of me as particularly good, they made me start a blog about it because according to them, it is good.*

But cleaning after kills me. Particularly since my roommate decided he didn't want to eat cafeteria food anymore, and he decided to cook his own stuff. Wile I applaud himi for that, either he doesn't do his dishes, or does a disaster when he does. So far he's destroyed the seasoning of my cast iron pan TWICE after I told him how to clean it, and then there's this dish he makes with honey and I don't know what else that takes forever to clean, and he would always leave it on the counter. *sigh*

Not that I am particularly good, either. My momma came to visit me this past month and she was criticizing all my cleaning aspects. It is true that cleaning as you work with it works wonders, but I always forget.*

I guess it's just a matter of practice.*

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In general, I find I can get most of the cleaning done while cooking. Most dishes have a time while the food cooks and requires minimal interaction from you, that's a great time to clean knifes, cutting boards, plates, etc. By the end of the meal you only have maybe two saucepans/frypans, and a couple of utensils, no problem :D

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You didn't have a choice that matched my response.

I don't cook more often because I cook in large batches so I don't have to.

I have a huge batch of chili, 6 turkey burgers, about 4oz of chorizo (down from ~2lbs last week), a 1.25lb summer sausage, and 1lb of turkey taco meat in the fridge right now. If I make salmon or chicken, I do a minimum of 3lbs.

Seriously, if your reason for not cooking is not enough time or don't like cleaning, then reduce both by cooking once and having food for a week.

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I eat out maybe 3-4 times a week and cook the rest of the time. Usually I don't cook because A. I have nothing left for lunch/forgot it/coworkers are going out, B. I ran out of food to make, or C. laziness. BuckeyeBoyfriend is a picky eater, so sometimes that contributes to my laziness in not wanting to figure out what to make him (I'm a better cook except for hamburgers).

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