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Why don't you cook more often?


Why don't you cook more often?  

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  1. 1. Why don't you cook more often?

    • Lazy / motivation -- If there was the right incentive, I might
    • I don't know how -- I would if I knew how
    • I don't have the right ingredients in my house
    • It's too expensive -- I would if you sent me "make this, cheap!" recipes
    • Nothing I make tastes good -- I would if it tasted better
    • I have no interest in cooking
    • This just isn't a part of my routine / habits
    • It takes too much time -- I would if you sent me "make this, fast" recipes
    • It takes me forever to do basic stuff, like chop veggies. I'd have to get better at that first.
    • I know I should, and I kinda want to, I just don't feel like investing time in figuring this out

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I eat out maybe 3-4 times a week and cook the rest of the time. Usually I don't cook because A. I have nothing left for lunch/forgot it/coworkers are going out, B. I ran out of food to make, or C. laziness. BuckeyeBoyfriend is a picky eater, so sometimes that contributes to my laziness in not wanting to figure out what to make him (I'm a better cook except for hamburgers).

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