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It's 9:55 on a Saturday morning, and I'm still in bed. I can hear this bird outside, calling me to get up. I don't know what kind of bird it is, but it definitely sounds like, "GET-UP. GET-UP.", maybe with some mumblings about how lazy I'm being, in between. But what that bird doesn't know is that I have a pretty good excuse for sleeping in today. I had to do my Angry Birds workout really late last night. AND, I spent the day swimming, so I was WICKED tired. So, eat it, Tweety.

Lately, I'm excited to get up. Since I started eating Paleo-style a couple weeks ago, and exercising more, I feel so much better. See, I weigh 265.6 pounds, and it ain't all muscle. I've always been a big strong lady, but in the past several years, I have gradually gone from sturdy with chub to morbidly obese. I succumb easily to stress, anxiety and depression - largely because of my excess weight messing with my body chemistry - and kept finding myself in a Catch-22 situation of "I need to lose weight to feel happier and healthier, but being fat makes me too miserable to move". Finally, I got some therapy, went to the doctor to determine some stuff I needed to fix (worry about), and - with my ever-so-charming enthusiasm for new life plans - I convinced my diabetic husband to join me in this new lifestyle! I have lost just a touch over ten pounds already, and I'm not having as much trouble sticking to the diet as I thought I would. Who needs bread? BAH.

Aside from the obvious health issues, my main motivations are baby-making (I have PCOS, losing weight is crucial) and appearance (I'm the singer for a rock band, and don't want my chins upstaging me). My husband is VERY supportive and loving, and I'm pretty lucky to have him for a partner, but for back-up, I have an "accountabilibuddy" friend who has been awesome. She and I have very similar goals, weight-wise, and have worked out together, and are doing the Angry Bird workout together as a challenge. I even made cool charts.

I tried to keep it short. But that's the gist of it. I am a little shy in forums, but I'm hoping everyone is nice here, and I can really find a sense of community that will help keep me motivated. Thanks!

You have no power over me.:single_eye:

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