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PvP Desperately Needed

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Ok I am mildly push-up obsessed. I have loved them since I first started working out and could do about 10. That was about 6 years ago and my love affair has only grown exponentially since then. Right now I'm at the point where I'll do them for about an hour and a half hitting about 1200. As you might imagine this gets oh so boring and I would love a partner. My challenge to you is simple. Most full push-ups in 30 days. Bragging rights to the winner.

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Now there's an idea. I think I'll mull that one over if no one accepts.

If no one person accepts then ask for people to make a group that will PvP (PvG?) you.

So maybe 5v1?

You sound like the pushup king!

If you do end up going for a group to challenge you, I'll gladly be part of the team.

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I'm up for being part of the group, but my max is around 25 right now. I definitely don't think I'd be able to do them for an hour and a half straight!

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Hey Ryan,*

I might take you on the challenge? Right now my personal record is 42, and my goal for the next challenge will be to do 100 by the end of the day -that is, not consecutive. I will try to do so by doing ten every hour, on the clock mostly (unless I have class or I start to feel fatigued, but I'll juggle them around). After all, one hundred push ups in ten hours sounds feasible.*

What do you think?


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