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Rebels, Report! How did you do?


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Hey everyone!

Challenge is over!

How did you do?

Please grade yourself and write a summary here!

Here are the specific grading rules:

[h=1]Step Five: Grading and Winners[/h][h=2]Grading Yourself[/h]

At the end of the challenge, you'll be asked to give yourself a grade on how you did achieving your goals.

[h=2]Picking Guild Winners[/h]

Guild leaders will pick a winner from each guild. They will choose based on the following items:

  • Points awarded at the end of the challenge
  • Weekly challenge participation
  • General participation and helpfulness

[h=2]Picking Overall Winners[/h]

After a winner from each guild is chosen, we will put up a vote and everyone on the forums can vote to pick the winner of the challenge out of the winners from each of the guilds.


Guild Winners get stickers

Overall Winner gets a t-shirt or tank top

Grading for attributes details are in the bottom here:


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  • Points awarded at the end of the challenge
  • Weekly challenge participation
  • General participation and helpfulness

Besides those three points. I'd love to hear your opinions on who should be the winner of this challenge among the Monks. This time we'll do it publicly, I don't think there's a reason why we shouldn't congratulate or advice each other =D.

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Overall I give myself a C.

I got 8 points in the challenge, 6 from my challenges, and 2 from the mini quests.

I tried to be active on the forums, but I feel I could have done better.


I think the winner of this challenge is caponerd because he succeeded in 3 out of four challenges. He also participated in, and dominated, all of the mini challenges. And last but definitely not least, he was the most active on my challenge thread and cheered me on the entire time!

Academic Apocalypse

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Splicing from my own thread:


1.) That first pullup. - C - I did almost all of one last week, but now I just can't seem to get even halfway. That, and my tricep is still friggin' killing me. Made a LOT of progress, a lot of weight work was done, and I got so close I could literally taste it. Not bad, but nowhere near achieved.

2.) 20 Pushups. - A - 22, as a matter of fact! Did 22 tonight, ALMOST managed 23. Overshot my goal, and proud as f***!

3.) The 8-minute mile. - B+ - As of tonight, it is down to 8:04. I was SO CLOSE! I was banging my head against the fence when I saw the blinking numbers on my timer. DAMN YOU, TASTY FISH! I over ate tonight. Fresh whole sockeye stuffed with garlic and tarragon. I COULDN'T RESIST. At least it's high protein.

4.) 50,000 words of writing total (not focusing on one particular story). - B - Between my stories, my notes, and my schoolwork, I actually got closer to 40,000. Still a lot! I had hoped for more, but that's still bloody good for me.

Bonus: use these six weeks to work out a better training regimen for my Firefighting training and MMA preparation. - B+ - Working out twice a week at the firehall, plus regular training every Wednesday, and every time I use the stairs I shadowbox. I rack up a couple hundred punches a day that way, feeling like I'm really getting my speed back.


I'm not sure who should win, since this challenge I mostly kept to myself. Sorry, everyone else. There were a lot of threads and I just didn't have the time or the inclination to read through all of them and cheer people on, so they sort of blended together. ICB, Kishi and caponerd stand out, though. And, of course, our fearless Spauracchio.

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Aww shucks, y'guys. Thanks for the kind words!

I give myself an B+ as well. I succeeded in all but one of my challenges, but since my focus this challenge was purely on consistency, the degree of difficulty was not as high as it could have been. My focus next time will be to kick it into the next gear!

My vote for ICB. He had some ambitious goals and really went for it, along with being a presence on the board and having a great attitude.

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Thanks for the kind words, guys.

I'd give myself an A, but I bombed hard on my meditation goal and just barely met my bodyfat goal - somewhat miraculously as I failed to lose any fat. I think the bodyfat % loss came entirely through putting on muscle.

Edit: I forgot to say what grade I WOULD give myself, which would be a B. (heh. "be a B.")

For my part, I nominate JediJem for overall winner. I spotted her going into a vacant thread and giving the thread owner a *poke poke* to get them back in the game. I shamelessly stole that idea and started doing the same.

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ahhh. not quite as successful this time around... my goals were as follows:

eat like a caveman at least 5 times a week.: - B+ did pretty well with this one. it wasn't as hard to eliminate grains as i thought it would be. +3CON

do "angry birds" workout 3 times a week. : D- out of the 18 opportunities to do this, i did it 7 times. +1STR

get cardio 5 times a week: D- on average i got cardio about twice a week. +1STM

start an art business: F i did not do this. i finished one piece of work, http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4347855773101&set=a.1156861520239.2024342.1188750412&type=1&theater but haven't worked on the business at all. boo. +0WIS

so overall, i'm going to give myself a D in this challenge. better luck next time. on a side note, i DID get my 1st degree brown belt in judo AND planned a wedding and got married during this challenge, so i'm not too down on my life. once again, in the next challenge, my first challenge will be to make better challenges. :)

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