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Assassins! General Chat/Rules Thread!


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Hi Everyone!

Rules for this challenge can be found here:


The biggest change this time around is that you can ONLY GRADE YOURSELF ON FOUR GOALS (3 diet/fitness, 1 life).

Here's your chat thread! Use this for whatever you want - but I suggest using it to discuss goals and ideas for the upcoming challenge!

Good luck everyone!

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3 diets/fitness goals + 1 life goal. I think I have the life goal (actually I have several, I'll have to pick one :( ) but I have no idea about the fitness goals... Improving my pullups maybe (can do one), maybe some focus on the legs, or posture, or flexibility. I don't knooooooow

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@ghost: sounds good to me. In the previous one I gave some attribute points for each challenge but it's not suggested in the game rules. Maybe that changed?

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Second journey: Crawling back


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In the previous one I gave some attribute points for each challenge but it's not suggested in the game rules. Maybe that changed?

Didn't change, it's just on a separate page! (I was looking for it too for a moment)


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Keeping it under three goals for fitness and one for life is definitely better for me, since I tend to spread myself thin over several goals. Now I have to go back to my txt file of goals and pick those that I should be able to follow more easily this next six weeks. Japanese comes to mind...


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This is my first time too and i have some goals in mind. I'm super excited for this! here's my list let me know if there is something weird about it k? :)http://www.nerdfitness.com/community/showthread.php?15689-1st-Six-Week-Challenge-ever&p=240263#post240263

Challenge: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/24724-rain13-hell-yea-im-back/#entry419693


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Hey all, I'm glad to be back to the six week challenges and I have some lifting, diet, and life goals this time around. Glad to have the support and accountability for the next weeks. Let's get it.

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Alright, I'm in. Should be fun! I don't fully belong here, but since I'm not working on a little body weight I figure this is the place to be. My challenge thread can be found in my signature. I notice a few people have levels in their sigs as well. How do you know if you have hit level 2? I know I haven't as this is my first RPG challenge, but I curious as to how I work toward that.

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This doubles as a help thread, so I've got a help question.

Does anyone else have flexibility goals? How likely is it I've overdone my flexibility training? I've been trying to loosen up my hip flexors so I can do splits, and I successfully re-nailed my left split. Today, I can't even get into it because my flexors are SO SOOOOORRRE from yesterday and today. As in, I feel lit a little just in walking or standing up from sitting. Will this heal and make me more flexible - or have I done something that will be detrimental to further training??

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