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Scouts! General Chat/Rules Thread!


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Hi Everyone!

Rules for this challenge can be found here:


The biggest change this time around is that you can ONLY GRADE YOURSELF ON FOUR GOALS (3 diet/fitness, 1 life).

Here's your chat thread! Use this for whatever you want - but I suggest using it to discuss goals and ideas for the upcoming challenge!

Good luck everyone!

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On Barefoot Running:

I really don't care for running mainly because I hate shoes I think. I can never find shoes that seem to work. I'm not ready to run completely barefoot, but I picked up a pair of Teva Zilch sandals that are really amazing. I've just been wearing them around for comfort, and honestly I don't ever want to wear another shoe in my life. I only want to wear my Zilch. The thought occurred to me that they might be good for starting out with barefoot running. A little bit of protection between the foot and the ground for my soft, weak feet. Something to transition to the hardcore like some of you. Perhaps this would help me find my love of running that I want? Any thoughts?

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that should work just fine...

for what it's worth, I have heard that starting out barefoot and only progressing as fast as your feet allow is a better way to prevent injuries and encourage proper form during the adaptation phase. After your feet are happy to run barefoot you can decide if you want to go minimalist.

I run minimalist (merrel trail gloves) most of the time, with an occasional barefoot run and a more often barefoot walk. I eventually want to do at least half of my runs barefoot but I have other properties for now.

either way, good luck! The path to anywhere starts with a step.

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