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First challenge, first time posting on this site, not the first time i've been down this path.

I, and this post, am a work in progress... i am still sorting out SMART goals.

Current physical stats:

  • 252 lbs
  • 6'


Trail Run 5k, without walk breaks (+2 DEX)

This is an important first step in preparing for a future goal of competing in a Spartan Run/Tough Mudder next year.

Perform 100 Burpees in one workout (+2 STR, +3 STA)

I have tried all sorts of workout routines in the past, but the overall effect/results of burpees is pretty awesome. I want to see how far I can push myself with this one.

Eat Whole30 for six weeks (+5 CON)

I have already been eating low-carb/paleo/primal/whatever for the last 2.5 months. I have managed to drop almost 40 lbs, but I am interested in the results possible by eating completely clean.

Read Atlas Shrugged (+3 WIS)

First step in a plan to understand Objectivism.







LEVEL 4Time Lord RangerSTR 6 / DEX 4 / STA 8 / CON 6 / WIS 3 / CHA 2Architect of Evolution: Blog

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I would say that's a pretty good start, it's my first challenge as well, but so far it looks like you have good strong goals.


Mostly Human Adventurer

* STR 3 * DEX 2 * STA 2 * CON 5 * WIS 4 * CHA 3 *

Current Challenge

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"It ain't how hard you hit; it's about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward.

How much you can take, and keep moving forward.

That's how winning is done." ~ Rocky Balboa

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I hear you. I'm *just* starting to get there, and I can almost say it's (GASP) enjoyable!

[table=width: 700, align: center]



Human Adventurer

STR: 3 DEX: 2 STA: 2 CON: 2 WIS: 3 CHA: 3

Current Challenge: Eat Paleo. Run 5K. Walk 10K steps. Read Love Languages

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What are you waiting for? You're faster than this. Don't think you are, know you are


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Friday August 10th...

This is where things started going downhill. I woke up in the middle of the night with a surge of adrenaline and the resulting panic attack. After an hour or so i was able to fall back into a fitful sleep... only to go to work at 5 AM... where i had another panic attack right before lunch. Managing to just shut down and avoid people the rest of the day i made it home, only to have two more panic attacks that evening. My wife was pissed at me... because she thought i was trying to ruin the time she had with her sister (who was visiting for the first time in over a year). Eventually... as in 24 hours and two more panic attacks later she realized that i really was freaking out.

I had the whole shebang... accelerated heart rate, cold but sweating (in both 110 degree outside and 72 degree inside temps), shakiness, blurred vision, urge to run and/or hit something repeatedly, and an inability to concentrate on anything for more than a few seconds.

After waking about an hour before dawn on Saturday i went for a run/walk to try and clear my head, which worked, but later I felt even worse.

Now... after a small f'it-all carb-binge... i feel better. After some research... i am convinced i pushed the low-carb + exercise thing too far. I was trying to stay around 20-40 net carbs a day and by adding cardio to that 3x a week my body had a bit of a mental breakdown. 2.75 months is the longest i have ever gone primal/paleo and I was doing really great. Along the way the wife and i had two cheat days, but it's been a bit over a month since the last one. The true science behind this experience is lacking... i am finding a great deal of anecdotal evidence that i desperately need to consume more carbs, but I thought i would see if anyone had a similar experience.

I have had no incidents of anxiety attacks in my life. In fact, until now i never really understood why people got so upset when they had one. It is quite terrifying. Is this an underlying physio-psychological issue that I need to deal with, or did i just throw my entire body out of whack with too much stress-hormone exercise and a lack of balancing carb intake?

LEVEL 4Time Lord RangerSTR 6 / DEX 4 / STA 8 / CON 6 / WIS 3 / CHA 2Architect of Evolution: Blog

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Thursday August 16th Workout

7x 12 Push Ups + 6 Push Ups, this is the most i have ever done. Spaced out through the day, but I am proud of this number.

8x 100m Sprints + Walking (1.5 miles total), 25 minutes


75% Whole30

(-splenda filled fake ice cream bar)

I do not know where else to put this... and it is not part of my challenge, but i have become so much more proactive and dedicated to improving my life. I am constantly moving (my wife thinks i am being manic), cleaning, cooking, folding, washing, etc. At work, i am starting to scare people with my level of efficiency. I don't care right now if i am going nuts, at least i am cleaning up the refuse from my past life.

LEVEL 4Time Lord RangerSTR 6 / DEX 4 / STA 8 / CON 6 / WIS 3 / CHA 2Architect of Evolution: Blog

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Saturday August 18th Workout

Overhead Tricep Extension (15 lb) x 15, 15

Bent Over DB Rows (15 lb) x 15, 15

DB Press (15 lb) x 15, 20

[i need adjustable Barbells, or a wider assortment]

5 mile hike, 1:30 hours. I had on terrible shoes, it was 105, and i decided to go shirtless because i was in the middle of nowhere climbing a random hillside. It was pretty awesome... i had an anxiety attack... and this completely erased it from my mind and body.



(-In And Out burger bun, fries, cheese)

I am giving myself credit for this... because i required the carbs... and i had no other readily available sources.

LEVEL 4Time Lord RangerSTR 6 / DEX 4 / STA 8 / CON 6 / WIS 3 / CHA 2Architect of Evolution: Blog

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Monday the 20th, Tuesday the 21st, and Wednesday the 22nd of August

I have strep throat. Probably due to my weakened immune system and lack of sleep. So... i am not working out for a few days... and yesterday i intentionally ate a lot of carbs. I slept much better. I would still be asleep, but I have to go pick up my car. I was so bad yesterday at work my boss had to drive me to the doctor's office. I am still avoiding grains (except white rice) and not drinking alcohol.

LEVEL 4Time Lord RangerSTR 6 / DEX 4 / STA 8 / CON 6 / WIS 3 / CHA 2Architect of Evolution: Blog

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Thursday August 23rd Workout

Burpee w/ Push-Up Ladder (12, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 3) = 90 burpees, 90 push-ups


100% Whole30

I have abandoned Atlas Shrugged. I will admit it. I hate Rand's writing style. It's too depressing. Too oppressive. I am looking for something good, and uplifting. When trying to improve my life, reading about the drudgery and crushed spirits does not help.

LEVEL 4Time Lord RangerSTR 6 / DEX 4 / STA 8 / CON 6 / WIS 3 / CHA 2Architect of Evolution: Blog

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