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Laney's Quest Log of Epicness!


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I think my challenge started really well, and then teetered off. I do a great job tracking food, but not so good keeping motivated with working out. When life got stressful during the last 2 weeks of the challenge I kind of bailed on all physical activity and my motivation dipped. Hopefully life will smooth itself out and I will be back on track. Other than that I've basically gone full paleo and it's great, so much easier than I thought it would be!


Diet & Fitness

  • Find new primal recipes and make one a week for all 6 weeks. +2 WIS (week 1: chicken with thyme and cauliflower rice, week 2: baked pork chops, week 3: grilled garlic and Parmesan asparagus, week 4: grass fed meatloaf, week 5: grass fed burgers, week 6: almond flour cod) **Complete!**
  • Eat Primal 6 days out of the week (Saturday is a free day). Minimal sweeteners, no limit on dairy. Few exceptions (Weekly trips to Caribou Coffee on Th/Sa, protein powder and bars) +2 STA, +2 CON I did okay sans the snacking, I'm going 50/50 on this
  • Level up to Advanced Body Weight Workout. +3 STR, +2 CHA **Complete!**
  • Attend a Beginner Parkour Class + 2 DEX, +1 WIS Total failure

Starting/ Ending stats


[TABLE=width: 185]

STR - 1 + 3

CON - 2 + 1

DEX - 2 + 0

WIS - 5 + 2

STA - 2 + 1

CHA - 3 + 2


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