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tinkerer keeps hammering away challenge


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I want to start front and/or back lever work after this challenge. It's been suggested to have pullup skills solidly in the double digits before doing this, so I am going to try for 16 in a row. I will continue to do the strength training workout developed in my first challenge. I would have added some other benchmarks, but the rules are to limit goals to a total of 4. I expect to see progress in other movements, but this will be the challenge metric.

I have plans to climb Mt. Adams during this challenge. To help train for this, I will continue running or biking at least two days a week.

My wife and I are re-texturing our living room, dining room, and hallway ceiling. This should be finished in 6 weeks for sanity purposes. Right now all of our furniture is moved into the garage. This makes meals, relaxing, etc. annoying...so the project needs to continue along.

I may add to the story, just for grins. I haven't really done anything like it before, so interested to know if people like it or if it's just extra words. The story will be a lower priority than workouts, house project, etc. so it may fizzle. The workouts won't though!


Bend the Bar - Strength

Increase Max Pullups to 16 (Now barely 13)

100% +2 Str - 16

66.7% +1 Str - 15

33.3% +1 Str -14

Climb the Mountain

Mt. Adams

100% +1 Dex - 12,276' (Summit)

75% +1 Sta - 10,601'

50% +1 Dex - 8,926'

25% +1 Sta - 7,251'

Stay Out of the Tavern

Alcohol Limit - 6 per week

+3 Con, +0.5 / successful week

Keep up on Blacksmith Work

Finish the Ceiling Project. +2 Wis, +2 Dex

No partial credit


Ting-ta-ting, ting-ta-ta-ting, ting-ta-ting.

The blacksmith's hammer sounded steadily through the village. A passerby would have hardly noted the unpresuming shop; the usual assortment of horseshoes, a firebox, wagon wheels, and tools filled the walls.

Normally, a steady trickle of townsfolk would make their way to have the tinkerer perform this or that. Normally, a child or two would stop to watch the glowing forge. The children knew that underneath the soot was a friendly smith. Hanging around often led to an exchange wherein the youngster would pump the bellows for a few minutes and receive a shiny, multipointed jack for the effort. The tinkerer would smile to himself as the child left, then take his own turn on the bellows - returning the heat lost during the "exchange". Normally, he was an ordinary craftsman.

Today was different. Three or four villagers had set out to the tinkerer's shop, only to remember something else far more pressing a few shops away. The children were playing on a different street and not one thought of the shiny trinkets to be bartered for. A brilliant metal talisman hung from over the door, yet no one so much as glanced at it.

Inside, the tinkerer smiled to himself. A little solitude was necessary today, ordinary smiths did not craft swords of priceless metal. He may have used a few arts in the crafting of the intertwined metal arrows above the door. Skills beyond those used to bend a horseshoe. He may have kept a few secrets of his ancestry to himself, allowing those around him to make assumptions as they would. He may have kept the sword from view...

A grey-cloaked figure was standing in front of him, interrupting his internal musings.

"You call yourself the tinkerer now?" was the first question posed. Followed quickly with, "I suppose that is of little consequence given the other events unfolding."

"I have little time for conversation. We know of your past, of your skills, and we are willing to offer you a bargain."

The tinkerer had but a few seconds to take all of this in. He had not hidden as well as he had hoped. The elf in front of him was clear evidence of that.

"We are willing to let you maintain your secret, to continue your craft here. In exchange, you will be our secret warrior; hidden from the sight of the battle and performing your missions in silence."

It was more than the tinkerer had dreamed. To leave the glades was to rebel, to be forgotten. To work with steel was unheard of. Yet here was an offer of friendship, of alliance...

"What do you ask of me?" he asked, "I am honored by your presence and your offer."

"Prove yourself worthy of our consideration."

"Here is a bar of Dwarven steel - bend it without tools."

With these words he produced from his cloak a long thin bar of the same steel as the half finished sword still hanging in the tinkerer's hand.

"There is a mountain - climb it."

Here the cloaked figure gestured at a snow-covered peak in the distance.

"Down the street is the tavern. You have been doing a good job avoiding it - keep that up".

"We will be watching, I suggest you get to work."

At that, the cloaked figure was gone again, leaving the tinkerer with his thoughts and his half finished sword. The thin rod of dwarven steel now hung from two chains suspended from the ceiling. When had the elder had time to place it there? The tinkerer's heart was glowing like his forge at the thought of continuing his life outside the glade while reconnecting with his kinsmen. Yet as he looked at the mountain, the bar, and the backlog of work in the shop, he knew the next six weeks would be a challenge indeed.

Looking up at the bar, he grabbed it and pulled down hard. Not surprisingly, it hardly bent and his he rose to the ceiling. This was going to take some effort...

Level 14 Elven Blacksmith

current challenge - yearlong quest

14 13 12 11 10 9.1 9.0 8 7 6 5 4,2 4.1 4.0 3 2 1

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Home remodeling projects can be so time consuming and exhausitng. Worth it when you're done-but wow stress when you're in the midst of it.

Climbing Mt Adams sounds fun-you'll take pictures, right?

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Not off to a stellar start with the workout goals, due to pain in the neck. Doing pretty well on everything else though! This will be a busy week/weekend so probably not updating anything until next week.

Workout Logs

8/6 Strength Workout

Partially completed. Woke up with a stiff neck (think I just slept wrong). During L-Sit something tightened up a lot more in my neck and any further exercise was pretty uncomfortable. I did the 1st two sets of pullups, but on the third I realized I was probably making things worse. Called it a day and cut my losses. Had a job interview later in the day so I really didn't want to be fully incapacitated.

8/7 Running Workout

Did not do, neck is still bugging me and I don't want to aggravate that. I only have about 50% of my normal range of motion.

Ceiling Project

The old texture is totally gone, drywall work is 95% complete! Remaining big tasks for the ceiling are priming, re-texturing, and painting. This is on-schedule for early completion.


Have not been in this week! Music festival this weekend...so I'm "saving up" for that.


The tinkerer swore as he dropped the hot steel. Any smith who'd worked for an hour knew better than to pick up something glowing hot. He glanced across the room to the hanging bar - still perfectly straight.

Grimacing in anticipation, he grabbed the bar with his singed hand and pulled, but it was no use...he could barely put any weight on the hand.

Frustrated, but knowing he would only slow himself in the long run, he put his tools away and headed to the creek to cool his hand...this would not be a productive day, but tomorrow could be if he planned properly.

Level 14 Elven Blacksmith

current challenge - yearlong quest

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Couldn't stand to leave with a less than positive workout log entry :). My neck is still bugging me, but I worked around it and got a great workout this morning.

Skill Work

Wall Handstand Practice - 2 mins

Strength Work

Pullups - 9, 10, 10

Chair Pistols - 3 X 5

Crap...or is it 5 X 3...whatever, I did 3 sets of 5 reps

Handstand Pushups - 3 X 3

I know I got that format right!

Hanging L-Sit - 3 X 20 Secs

Uneven Pushups - 3 X 7 each arm

Plank - 3 X 45 Secs

I did hanging instead of floor L-Sit, as that was the thing that messed up my neck on Monday. I'll restart those next week if feeling OK.

First time with the uneven pushups. Seems to be a good place for me at the moment. I tried incline 1HPUs unsuccessfully. Not sure if it was a mental thing that collapsing was going to hurt if I failed or a physical "I can't do these yet" thing. I have been looking for something to alternate with dips every other workout and I think I will use the unevens.

Level 14 Elven Blacksmith

current challenge - yearlong quest

14 13 12 11 10 9.1 9.0 8 7 6 5 4,2 4.1 4.0 3 2 1

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Second guessing sucks...I like to give myself five minutes to think about nothing but whatever it is that's bugging me, then completely let it go. Focusing on the thing exclusively seems to rob it of whatever anxiety-inducing power it would otherwise have.

I'm also doing some house work (including patching two holes in the ceiling downstairs), so I'll be following your progress to help inspire me!

...no pressure ;)...

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So many updates...

I returned Sunday night from a 4 day, 1500 mile road trip to a music festival where I got to see a bunch of old friends. It was an amazing trip, but I didn't really work out.

I also accepted a new job today, so my time has been spent getting ducks in a row for that transition. I started the day off right though, with a morning run! Week 2 should see a Mountain climbed and more work toward pullups!

Week One Recap:

Increase Max Pullups to 16

Worked out Monday and Wednesday

Climb Mt. Adams

Went to a music festival at 5000' elevation. Also ran today. These are the only real training things I have done, however.

Alcohol Limit - 6 per week

Week 1, Fail. Darn you music festival.

Finish the Ceiling Project.

No progress since the last update.

Level 14 Elven Blacksmith

current challenge - yearlong quest

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You're off to a good start! Like I've heard it mentioned a bunch of times before, it's more important to be out there leveling up you life than writing on the forums, so take you time getting ready for that mountain climb! We're all here for you when you get back. (don't forget us on summit pics tho!)

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I survived last week and have emerged stronger (at least mentally :)), happier, and ready to take on this week!

As mentioned, I am/have been in the process of wrapping up one job, beginning another, and taking a long weekend road trip. Things are settling down a little bit at this point and I have some time to catch up and work out. It felt good to start the day with strength training again this morning. Been too long...

Despite all the busy-ness, the events unfolding are great. I have been looking forward to the employment switch for a long time and the fun weekend thing are the sort of epic summer events I like to look forward to for months. Even the project feels like it's going somewhere right now...

Workouts Last Week - Quick Version

Monday - Recovering from Weekend/Sleep In

Tuesday - 4.2 Mile run @ about 7 min/mi pace.

Wednesday - Upper Body Bodyweight Workout

Thursday, Friday - Intentional Rest for Mt. Climbing Weekend

Goal Progress Summary

Increase Max Pullups to 16

I have not been working at this as much as I should be. I have maintained the ability to do 3 sets of 10, but not increased. With some other events winding down, I can return focus to this goal, but feel like I am behind the curve at this point.

Climb Mt. Adams

DONE! I'll post some pictures in a minute.

Alcohol Limit - 6 per week

Week 2 - Unsuccessful, due to the same music festival as week 1. Week 3 is looking a lot more likely to be a success, however. This is more frustrating to me than the lack of workouts/progress actually.

Finish the Ceiling Project

After climbing the 12,280' mountain on Saturday, I expected to accomplish nothing yesterday. This however, was not the case! My wife and I worked on the project quite a bit and made great progress. Looking like it can be completed on time at the current pace. Having a week off between jobs will aid in that quest.

Level 14 Elven Blacksmith

current challenge - yearlong quest

14 13 12 11 10 9.1 9.0 8 7 6 5 4,2 4.1 4.0 3 2 1

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Saturday, I woke up at 3AM and climbed Mt. Adams with a friend of mine. We had started talking about the trip about 4 weeks ago and everything worked out pretty well. Although on a clearer day we could have seen half of the Pacific Northwest, I was satisfied the chance of thundershowers held off until we were down.

The best part of this was being at a place fitness-wise where I didn't have to worry about whether or not I could physically complete the trip. That felt awesome.

Ok, that was second best. The best was sliding down 3500 vertical feet of snowfield I spent the morning laboring up.:onthego:

All in all a great trip! I have about 20 more pics if people are interested, but here is the highlight reel.

Looking down into the foothills.


The top of the 1st of many snow-covered pitches.


One of the steeper sections. Hooray for crampons and ice axes.


At the top! Tired, oxygen deprived, and very happy.


Level 14 Elven Blacksmith

current challenge - yearlong quest

14 13 12 11 10 9.1 9.0 8 7 6 5 4,2 4.1 4.0 3 2 1

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