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We need to talk about nipples.

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Chaffing. What can I do about it? It only seems to be an issue when it's raining, but it's raining too often to only run when it's dry.

No matter how much my legs might ache during a long run this is far worse. Plasters don't stay in place thanks to hair or sweat or general movement. I've tried both cotton and man made material t-shirts and it doesn't make a whole lot of difference.

Any suggestions?

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I've been lucky enough to not have nipple chafing, but I have used A&D ointment (diaper rash cream) to prevent between my legs from chafing. It takes longer to wear off than vasoline, and is pretty cheap/ easy to come by.(at least in the U.S.)

have you tried the stretchy running shirts? They fit tight so that there is (ideally) no movement between you and the shirt therefore no chafing.

an extreme thing to try would be to run shirtless. just wear a hat+gloves to keep warm. You might get some funny look though...

you did have me laughing at the title...

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A tight top is #1 - my tri suit gave tons less chafing than my gym tees. Synthetics which wick are less chafey than cotton, by a long way - a snug-fitting dri-fit running singlet is a great bit of kit. Maybe go a size down? Or layer up: a skintight under-armor layer and then your regular gear.

As for coverage, both extremes work for me. Tiny round plasters, which only stick to the nipple without getting into the forest of hair; and huge bits of gaffer tape, which stick to so much hair they eventually stay in place.

I've found that lubes wear off too quickly for me (vaz, bodyglide).

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I came in to read an epic challenge and of course got a good laugh out of this. The worst thing in the world is chafing. I have to agree with the tight shirts. I've heard of vaseline, bandages, snug shirts not made of cotton. Your cheapest option will be bandaids, but a good shirt is best. As a female, chafing on the nipples means a new, properly fitting bra is needed. You know how tight those are. I have also heard of males (not overweight ones) using sports bras... you will be significantly less embarrassed and look way cooler with an underarmour fitted shirt or something similar.

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Ditto the bodyglide. I found that I mostly had a problem when I had more than 1 layer on...like sports bra + shirt. Ouchies. I also tried using Vaseline once, but it ruined my sports bra...I now have 2 grey nipple circles on that bra.

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bodyglide and Tech T's work pretty well for me

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I ran a 30k race with a bit of 3M Micropore tape over my nipples. Not sure what it is about that tape, but it works really well and is very thin. I've also used normal medical tape, and it was fine.

Bodyglide, I find, gives me about a half hour more pain-free running than nothing at all. Your mileage may vary (pun definitely intended).


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I had great results with NipGuards...they were worth every penny to me...They stayed on and in place for several 2 - 3 hour runs and a marathon (5+ hours). Just look at my avatar pic, which was taken after my first 10 mile run. I was wondering why people were giving me strange looks as they were passing by.

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I'm going to go with your a guy due to you saying you have chest hair: but you really never know do you? I get mine from ill fitting shirts too, that's why in the summer I try to jog shirtless as much as possible; figuring if fat guys can go around shirtless drinking beer while letting their guts hang out, people can deal with seeing a few extra pounds in motion

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that's why in the summer I try to jog shirtless as much as possible; figuring if fat guys can go around shirtless drinking beer while letting their guts hang out, people can deal with seeing a few extra pounds in motion

I have to keep telling myself that every time it is too hot to go for a run in just a sports bra (and shorts obviously). I shouldn't have to sweat through all my shirts all the time...

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I had this same problem after running in the rain, but it was only with a couple of my cheaper running shirts. The Under Armour Heat Gear shirt ("Loose" fit) I recently got for my birthday causes absolutely zero chafing in the rain. It was significantly more expensive than my other "wicking" shirts, but the quality is just so much better.

I did use band-aids at one point, and they worked fairly well (they stayed stuck in my chest hair despite the sweat).

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