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So, I just posted my goals for the 6 week challenge with the assassins. I really want to get into parkour and gymnastics; I just have no idea where to start. Does anyone have tips on what I can do to get started in picking up those skills?

my goals for the challenge

Rogue Assassin

"You just have to get up one more time than life can knock you down."STR-3.5 DEX-10.25 STA-4 CON-3.5 WIS-6.25 CHA-5 

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parkourpedia, parkour generations, and you tube can give you some decent parkour training guides, but the best idea for beginners is to find a local parkour group in your city. getting instruction from people who've already been training for a few years is invaluable, and they'll inspire you to progress and open your eyes to new challenges.


AZSF - lvl 4 assassin

STR - 9 | DEX - 12 | STA - 10.5 | CON - 7 | WIS - 8.5 | CHA - 1

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