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Greetings Druids,

I'm new to the rebellion, so I apologize if this topic has been raised before, but I'm hoping I can find like minded folk of the wood who can help me in my quest for the mind-body unity that I so desperately seek.

There was a time in distant months past where I was able to afford the glory that was Bikram hot yoga. Though I had never really bought into the whole paying for fitness thing, the proper form required for such a potentially injurious form of exercise made me break down and get a monthly membership. Though my attendance wasn't always stellar, every evening that I returned from that humid hellscape I felt I had gained mad XP and achieved a level of visceral and mental peace that I hadn't felt in some time. However, fate and circumstance has rendered $90/month an unattainable luxury for the time being.

Has anyone had any success with at-home yoga practices or free yoga collectives? I miss the flexibility, control, and simultaneous meditation that yoga afforded me, but I'm wary of simply practicing on my own (especially since my form was nowhere near solid when I discontinued).

Also, I'm wondering what others' experiences have been with other forms of yoga and if they've found similar satisfaction. I'm by no means married to the Bikram dogma (thought I do very much enjoy the heat and the jedi-like intensity that it evokes), so I'd be quite interested to hear what others have found especially in the realm of DIY fitness.

Many thanks in advance!






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I have never had a yoga class and I still gain benefit from yoga. Unless you're doing some seriously rough stuff, it's hard to give yourself an injury with yoga. Worst-case scenario is you get less than 100% benefit from a lot of poses. And 10% is still better than 0%.

yoga.about.com is a good resource.

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