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Secret mission to Constantinople!


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Ah, thanks Church!

In the meantime I climbed a small tree on top of a mountain. not sure if this means i climbed one or two things.

right now, I am living with a friend who has much the same needs when it comes to food and movement as I do, and it's super good!

This also means I can count the meals we share as "cooked something myself" and that's a bonus.

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last week of the challenge, right?

Some quick update on how it's been going:

the drinking thing: I drink the intended amount of water, ,ainly because it's so crazy hot here, always.

the climbing thing: I feel like I am getting a bit behind, and that's not so good.

the eating thing: there is a lot of good food here. It's crazy easy to find vegetables and solid meat and fish. all seasonal and tasty. This morning, I woke up with my body feeling like it's old, lighter self again.I found a scale under the desk I have been working on and noticed that if the thing works, I lost my idiot 2 kgs. I feel a bit stupid because I was depressed about it and such. but feeling like I used to, instead of being in that new, awkward body, is something extremely nice, and it seems to matter to me so much..

the self-express more thing ... turned out to be more important than I thought. I finished my comics and played my whistle, but the most important lesson is that I should become slightly less shy, so I climb things when I want, and eat what I want etc.

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All good revelations :)

And if you figure out how to be less shy, let me know. Lol.

Congrats on feeling like your old self again! There's nothin as satisfying as feeling comfortable in your skin and confident in your abilities.

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Ah, I was away and spent the last week in a farm, did quite some walking and climbing trees.

let's round this off:

- I sometimes missed a challenge because of the lack of internet connection, or the fact that I had no place to fit it into my life. the last one? I had no idea.

1st one: +1 DEX and +1 WIS

2nd one +1 DEX and +1 WIS

3rd one +1 WIS and +1 CHA

for the forth one, I feel like I only got around to doing the +1 WIS part of it.

The rest, eh.

- STR 1 DEX 4 STA 1 CON 2 WIS 3 CHA 4

- Climb 15 things +4 DEX +1 WIS

I \climbed about nine things. some badly. and it was great fun! apart from when I got hurt. most of them were trees. In the last week, I did this often enough to become noticably stronger again, that's nice. but nine things is not 15 things, thus I will award myself 2 DEX and 1 WIS. the main lesson is that I need to be braver about the social reaction to doing this.

- Loose 2 kgs, +2 CON +1 DEX this was a confusing goal. I need to THINK about how I will do this in the future, so I can relax more about it. diet didn't seem to be the best approach for me, since I already eat as healthy and paleo as I possibly can. but I somehow DID loose 2 kgs, so there: 2 CON, 1 DEX

- Drink water every day +3 CON I didn't do this EVERY DAY. but I did grow a solid habit of grabbing a glass of water from time to time during my day, so there is some result. let's say 2 CON.

- Self-express more +3 CHA +1 CON : this became so important. this is not just about playing the whistle or wth. it's about gaining some agency. I need some courage to get what I want and need, to survive living in a foreign country, and to take care of my body well. and I learned so much about THAT that even though I didn't use my facepaint, I feel like I seriously deserved my 3CHA and 1 CON.

the result: STR 1 DEX 9 STA 1 CON 7 WIS 8 CHA 8


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Congrats on the weight loss!I'm impressed with how you met your goals even though you are travelling .

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