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Annyshay: This Hobbit Gets Clean


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Hello Rebels! I’m Shannon! :applause:

For years I have found my hobbit-y nature at odds with living a healthy life. I struggled through periods of being “good†and keeping perfectionistic track of everything that I did, but would eventually run out of steam and return to the joy of second breakfast, elevensies, and generally spending a lot of time hanging out in my hobbit hole (I live in a basement apartment… if only there were round windows). One day NerdFitness and a band of travelers knocked on my door, and I embarked on an adventure of leveling up. I rocked my first challenge, setting up consistent good life habits and reaping the rewards. One week off has shown me that my hobbit-y nature is still in full swing and needs another good quest to keep the leveling up in gear.

Clean Challenge

1) Whole30 [+5 CON, +2 WIS]

This hobbit needs to start eating real, clean food from plants and animals. This a HUGE step for me and a big shift in my thinking about health. I’ve been reading about primal and paleo for a while but was unwilling to change. I’m surrounded by easy access to truly horrible food-substitutes all day long. Not to mention, I couldn’t imagine a life without various processed foods. The 80% rule makes me think that it’s worth seeing if I can make the change. I want to start strict with the next 30 days and then experiment with what food works best with my body. I’ve been working this weekend on foraging, planning, and preparing. Tomorrow starts four weeks of a grueling schedule at work, which is all the more reason to focus and get my diet sorted out.

2) Water [+2 CON]

It’s a simple goal but harder than one might think considering I work truly ridiculous hours in a hospital.

3) Sprints [+3 DEX]

I’m going to start incorporating sprints into my work out roster. Once a week, I’m going to run for my life and clean out the old engine. This does not mean that I will slack off on my strength training (twice a week) and commitment to walk all over Middle Earth, obviously.

4) Clean up my mouth! [+3 CHA]

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t swear that much, but I am sick of using a string of expletives as a way of coping. The time has come to clean up my language and find more creative invective to let people know how I really feel.

So, that's my plan! I leave you with part of my favorite poem from Fellowship of the Ring, many thanks to JRR Tolkein, for everything…

“Sing hey! For the bath at close of day

that washes the weary mud away!

A loon is he that will not sing:

O! Water Hot is a noble thing!â€

Love as thou wilt.

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Great plan. Good look with the Whole 30 thing, I've never gone that far and still had great results with a 95% Paleo lifestyle. You can do it, and it really does change things. :)

Hooray for hobbits!

"But I think, Mr. Frodo, I do understand. I know now. Folk in those stories had lots of chances of turning back, only they didn’t. They kept going. Because they were holding on to something."

"What are we holding onto, Sam?"

"That there’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo… and it’s worth fighting for."

-Sam to Frodo while climbing Mt. Doom

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So far so good. I brought all my food to work today and have been happily munching through the fruits of yesterday's labor. My house was sweltering all afternoon, but I have lots of frozen, Whole30-happy meals in my freezer for the weird shifts in my future. I've managed to drink water three times. Took a nice walk through the dawn this morning. I think I swore twice today, which is more than I expected. I might need to come up with a better way to quantify that last goal. Perhaps I'll think about it in my time tomorrow.

Thanks for the encouragement, Alpha Bookworm! We hobbits need to stick together. :)

Love as thou wilt.

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*Peeks out of her hobbit hole and decides to close the door again*

I've been quite the hermit hobbit this week, mostly because I've been working SO MUCH. Seven days straight, two 28 hour days... SO MUCH! Despite that, I'm rather proud of what I've managed to accomplish.

1) Yes. Yes. Yes. I stayed whole30 clean even when my good friends gave me chocolate, which is totally my Achilles heel. There was a lot of planning, a lot of packing food up, and a lot of explaining "no really, I don't want to eat that, thank you". Still, victory is mine. Now... only 22.5 days to go. Hehe.

2) I have drank all the water. My kidneys are happy. :)

3) Did my first sprint workout on the hill right near my apartment. I'm not going to fool you, I felt like an idiot. Still, I hope that these simple, silly workouts will make me that much faster and stronger. Hobbits need to get away from big baddies some times too! Managed to do two strength workouts and log some serious distance on the road to Mordor, also, so well done me!

4) I managed to not curse about half of the days this week. I'm still not really sure how I'm going to measure success on this part of the challenge. I did some of my research this week around it. Maybe I'll just keep a tally of how many times I swear in a week and see if it decreases over the course of the challenge? Simple records of my progress seem to work for me, so we'll go with that. I also signed up for a word a day email to start building my vocab up. I am such a word nerd that you don't even know. This will be the fun part of the challenge, lol.

Love as thou wilt.

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Sounds like some great goals! I did a similar thing with my diet when I first started on Paleo, 30 days being super strict, then working out what I can/can't manage. It was a great way to jumpstart my healthy eating, and now that I'm trying different things, I'm learning a lot about how my body deals with different foods!

Keep up the great work!

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So... I didn't post much this challenge, huh? Wrap up time, just in time for the next one...

1) Whole30. A = +5CON, +2WIS

I only went off plan twice, once for red wine and once for ice cream on an extra overnight shift of doom. That's pretty durn close to 100% for me. I looked and felt amazing. Sadly, in typical fashion, I rebounded rather hard. Black and white thinking is not for the win... still, a successful experiment in which I learned quite a bit about my body.

2) Water. B = +1.5CON

I drank water 35.3 out of 42 possible times. Not bad, and certainly better than usual.

3) Sprints. B = +2.25DEX

5/6. These were sort of... boring. I'll have to come up with a way to up the ante.

4) Cussing. C = +1.5CHA

This was hard to quantify. Better goals next time, little hobbit.

Sorry that I didn't write much. Hopefully I'll be more... chipper in the challenge to come.

Love as thou wilt.

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