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I was tossing up between being a scout and an adventurer, but I figure since I mostly run and want to get more into cycling and attempt to swim most weeks that this was more the place for me.

Over the last 2 years I have moved house 3 times (moved interstate twice), and because I have a tendency to eat my feelings I have put on about 7kg in that time.

My life is impacted by this extra weight. I don't have the energy I had previously, my lower back is playing up more often (bulging discs), I don't feel good about myself.

SO. Its time to get back into it.

Over the next 6 weeks my goals are:

1. Lose 5cm off my butt

2. Eat a piece of fruit a day

3. Increase my running km's over the next 6 weeks until I can run 10km (currently can run 5-7)

Life power up: Apply for 6 jobs - I have been out of the paid workforce for the last 5.5 years while being a stay at home mum to my twins. They start school next year and while I am really looking forward to starting paid work again, it is a little frightening to jump back into it.

I plan to keep running 3 times a week and follow a running program to get me from 5km to 10km's over 6 weeks.

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Welcome to the Scouts! It looks like you have some great goals, I'm especially fond of eating a piece of fruit everyday. Such a simple diet goal but it will do wonders I bet! Best of luck!

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Good goals and welcome! I like the fruit idea too.

As for the mission, look at the thread, it will likely have you post your weekly total to the Mission 1 thread.

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So the last few days ive been up in sydney. Ive eaten fruit every day but one (cider is a fruit right? Lol) and today I ran 14 km in the city to surf in 1hr 37min. I was aiming for 1hr 40min so I am pretty chuffed with myself.

Im flying back home in the morning and getting back into real life.

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Week 2 went pretty well, lots of planks and fruit and a few runs and even 2 weights sessions. As a result I am half a kg down and Ive also lost another cm off my butt woot! This week I am going to focus on sending out my resume to different businesses.

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Weigh in and measure up day was yesterday - another half kg down and another cm off my tush yeeeeeha. Ive been running more consistently, added in 2 weights sessions, fruiting, and this week Ive only had one night where I ate after dinner.

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