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New Rebel Looking For A Push In The Right Direction

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I am 14 and have recently really liked the idea of starting Parkour. People are saying that 14 is the perfect age to start (not sure if this is true though) but I would like to start as soon as possible. I am trying to do regular exercise to help build up my strength, but I still have a long way to go.

But after watching countless hours worth on Parkour videos on youtube I realised how far off I was.

I can't do flips unless I'm on a trampoline (and they're just standard flips..), my stamina is pretty bad at the moment (though I'm working on that), I don't think I've ever vaulted anything in my life, and people always say that my balance is awful. Now I'm starting to realise that this is going to be a lot more difficult than expected, and I expected it to be VERY difficult!!

So what I really want to ask is, can I still learn all this stuff? Well obviously I can, but will I be able to learn it well enough to apply in in Parkour? I am particularly worried about the flips. I've always wanted to be able to do flips, but I've never done it..

Is there a way I can learn Parkour safely without going to classes or a special gym, and will it still be effective?

Do you need to have a specific 'body build' to be able to be successful in Parkour?

And what is the best way to learn flips, and other stuff like that?

I'm a true beginner in this and I don't want to mess it up and get hurt.

Thank you!!!

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One of the best ways to build up to something big is to build up to something small, then build up to something a little bigger, et cetera. Instead of tracking how close you are to a flip, try seeing how many

you can do in a set. Instead of working up to a perfect quadrupedal balance, work up to a beginner yoga balance pose. Instead of tracking how close you are to a muscle-up, track how close you are to a single pull-up. Make goals like that, and you'll be amazed at what you can do with only a month. And, hey, then you go for more goals next month. And then another month. Eventually, the little goals add up to the big things you think you may never do.

The Nerd Fitness community is here to help you set goals and learn to avoid hurting yourself. Feel free to browse all our knowledge bases, and any time you have a specific question, you'll get answers in no time.

When doing your research, it is important to note the difference between Parkour and Freerunning. Parkour is simply the art of efficient movement, the shortest path from A to B, usually involving vaults and rolls. Freerunning is the art of stylized movement, and that's where you'll find your flips and tricks. Both are arts that many people enjoy (and are similar in many, many ways, including the fitness you need), and we are all happy to help you pursue them, but keeping the terms straight will usually get you to your answers faster.

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Seconding realbrickwall, set goals that are within your reach and work on steady progression. this will give you the foundation of strength and knowledge that you can build everything else upon. as to the questions:

Is there a way I can learn Parkour safely without going to classes or a special gym, and will it still be effective?

maybe not as effective, but solo training is definitely doable. stick to smaller obstacles first, and master the basics. remember when you're training by yourself, you can't rely on other people if you get hurt, so make sure you follow parkours main tenet: to be and to last.

Do you need to have a specific 'body build' to be able to be successful in Parkour?

No, different body types have different advantages and disadvantages though. taller people have more reach and can usually vault higher and precision longer. shorter, more lithe people generally have better balance.

And what is the best way to learn flips, and other stuff like that?

At a gym. Period. Foam pits, sprung floors, and competent instructors. Form is crucial in flips, and having someone with experience guide you through the progressions will get your tricking much faster than anything else. You can learn these at a gynmastics class, breakdancing, or even a specialised tricking class if you're lucky.


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Hi, Urban Shadows! I'm a new parkour/free runner myself, but I hope I can help you out.

I can't do flips unless I'm on a trampoline. Well... That's awesome! I can't do flips AT ALL. I wouldn't worry about it too much, because you don't really need to do flips to start parkour. All you need to know is how to land safely. Landing safely is the MOST IMPORTANT THING. No sense doing parkour if you break your neck.

Can I still learn all this stuff? Honestly, I've only been working out for two weeks. Like, two weeks, out of my entire life. And I'm noticing huge improvement! You have to start small. It might feel ridiculous, but it's worth it. I started by lifting one pound weights. They were pink. It was sad. People laughed. But now I can pump out 60 squats instead of 10, I've got ab muscles for the first time in my life, and I can box jump without falling over! It doesn't take long to improve your fitness level, as long as you have a routine you can do every day.

Is there a way I can learn parkour without special classes? There's tons of parkour sites on the web with video tutorials. You can definitely learn basic parkour just by reading and watching. It might also be helpful to have a partner who can check your form for you and train alongside. I'd be scared to do parkour without someone who would call 911 for me if something bad happened. As long as you're practicing each week, it will be effective. I'm already noticing a huge improvement in my own fitness level, even though I've never trained before and I'm doing everything at home by myself.

Do I need a specific 'body build'? Nah. While it's true that most 'traceurs' seem to favour a leaner build in terms of muscle mass, it doesn't matter if you're short or tall. What matters is knowing how YOUR body works, and adapting it to the situation. Parkour is more about being efficient, not about conforming to a specific body build.

What is the best way to learn flips? The best way is to start with the basics (jumping safely, vaulting safely, landing safely, running safely). Once you can successfully navigate using the basics, you can add new techniques like flips and climbing up walls. I would spend at least a few months on fitness, vaults, and landings before thinking about anything else. Doing a flip is probably best learned in a gym, or with a trainer.

There might be parkour or gymnastics classes in your city. You could ask about student discounts, too. Or you could try a workshop of some sort. There are a few one-day parkour workshops where I live, and while I haven't gone to one yet, it might cost less than a gym membership! It's worth it to invest in a class if you want to be really safe when learning flips.

I hope this helps a little...


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