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Bench, Eat, Run, Sleep (B.Ea.R.S)


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3 boys? You likely won't need to workout for much longer ;)

Great to hear of the PR in deadlift. I also liked the pic of your bar loaded with weights...it's one thing to max out and another to max out your equipment. Keep up the good work.

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Thanks. So far the 2 boys love walks and hikes (with occasional runs during them). The oldest is starting to finally interested in playing sports so we should definitely be able to keep active.

Diet was good yesterday, got in bed at 10:00, and rested from benching. The day before diet was also good, got in bed at 9:45, and took a 3 mile walk.

Lately my 5k runs have been at a comfortable pace. This morning I set out to break my PR. I ran it in 26:29, which beats my recent PR of 27:47 and my college PR of 26:35. It was an epic goal of mine to beat this college PR.

I am now in better shape than I was in college. I eat better, I run better, I lift better, I am happier.

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Did a 40 minute walk this morning. Then went to the gym for Yoga. Since I got there early I decided to do some quick 135 benching. Well my reps are real slow. As I slowly lift the bar, some guy runs over and lifts the bar up for me despite me still making upward progress and me yelling at him that I got it. I appreciate the good intention but not the technique. Since I didn't want him bothering me again, I decided to do a few sets of 185 deadlifts. I did sets of 3 and felt like I had more but didn't want to exhaust myself before yoga. First time going to the Saturday class, still feel weird being the only guy there at times.

Also, the homebrew Sega CD game I was working on in my first 6 week challenge won the WTF! (most unique) trophy in the Sonic Hacking Contest 2012.

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Lots of walks with kids/dogs this weekend. Had larger than usual meals, but still kept with the three plate diet. Went to bed at 10:08 once and 10:00 the other weekend day.

Week Two Goal Update

Bench - achieved the 135x2 goal last week.

Eat - Had five failures total. Had one failure at the start of this week, but really focused on diet this week for both this challenge and the weekly mission.

Run - Got in 23 runs/walks/hikes total. So I have two extra in, woohoo!

Sleep - Went to bed 24 minutes late total. Went to bed 1 minute late and 8 minutes late this week. Seems I have been focusing on getting to bed at 10:00 when my real target bedtime is 9:45. Probably wouldn't have had two overages this week if I truly targeted 9:45.

Upcoming Week

So we are supposed to close on our new house Tuesday or Thursday. My wife wants me to paint six rooms in the new house. So she told me I was going to stay up late and not go for any walks/runs since moving will be my workout. I told her that I would still go to bed at 9:45 but willing to wake up earlier than my usual 5:45. I was thinking I can still do lunch or evening walks with my boys to give them attention that way my productive hours in the morning are focused on the house. And I probably won't lift much this week since I don't want to be sore for moving.

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Did some random 117 and 137 benches throughout the day the last two days. Diet good Monday but a failure yesterday (those ice cream sandwiches are too tempting). Went for a 3 mile walk yesterday. Did a 3 mile walk yesterday and today I went running for 88 minutes (on the Erie Canal, exploring some of the paths that lead off of it). Went to bed 9:54 on Monday and 9:43 Tuesday.

Was excited to deadlift 225 this morning, when I got to the gym I forgot how they are closed today so I went for a run instead. Since I was wearing my flash shirt, I felt compelled to run faster than my normal casual jogs when I am on the Erie Canal.

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Bench - achieved the 135x2 goal two weeks ago. I have been working on regular 115 sets for max reps when I work from home.

Eat - Had ten failures total. This last weekend was pretty bad.

Run - Got in 28 runs/walks/hikes total I am now behind by two or so.

Sleep - Went to bed 42 minutes late total. Had an instance of going to bed at 10:15 and once at 10:03.

Plan to finish

Since I am moving (might be closing Friday, ugh waiting on others is still annoying), I don't want to bench much and have sore arms. I am going to be strict on my diet, I have tad more gut to lose and its easier to maintain my strict diet than the looser diet I have tried. My goal is to walk (or jog or run) every morning from now on, and add in lunch time or dinner time walks over the next few days to catch up. And I plan to head to bed at 9:45 so I don't miss any of my mornings workouts.

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