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Have you run it before? I did it last year for the first time and it was just a brilliant experience. Its pretty much 14.5km of hills, beautiful scenery and street parties.

I'm actually not in Sydney anymore, just going back up for the weekend. Mmmmmmmm 4 days of childfree time!

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Have you run it before? I did it last year for the first time and it was just a brilliant experience. Its pretty much 14.5km of hills, beautiful scenery and street parties.

I'm actually not in Sydney anymore, just going back up for the weekend. Mmmmmmmm 4 days of childfree time!

Yeah did it for the first time last year too. It was a great experience! 4 days of child free time too? Sounds like heaven :)


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Ranger sitting in on this, am focussing on getting back into running and upping my swimming meterage back to comp levels in this challenge, so this is perfect :)

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Great to see the Scouts out in force! To answer your questions, all mini challenges end on Sunday night at midnight Hawaii time. And yes, walking is totally in!

That's Monday noon in my time zone. Which would make sense, then I can run Monday morning and get 7 days in.

9.2 km for me on the first three days btw, at the end I'll have run twenty km in a week. Not nearly as much as some people on here but more than I would have guessed I can do, this mini-challenge is awesome.

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walk 1mile, walk 1/2 mile


jog 2 miles walk 1 mile


jog 2 miles + 1 fast mile to work, run 2 miles home


run to work (100degrees out) 2 miles, run home 2 miles


Run to work 2miles, run home


swam a mile (maybe, I'll have to verify the distance of the pool, 20-21 yards)

42 laps

total running mileage for the week : 17.5 miles

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M- 2mi bike, .5mi jog

T- 4.5mi run, .5mi walk

W- 4mi run, 1mi walk

T- 4mi interval run

F- 4mi run

S- 9mi run, 1mi walk

S- off

+1mi walk M-F to work and back (twice on thurs for a double shift day)

36.5 miles covered this week!

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I've run just over 11k this week and walked an extra 5k (besides my normal commute walking).

Not sure how far I've skated - the rink's under a building so I can't GPS it - but there were plenty of laps of Russian stroking etc. for warm-up and cool-down.

ETA: That looked a little feeble, so I've now been out and added 21k cycling to my search efforts.

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Hey guys, I'm back on Nerd Fitness after a short hiatus, and I've decided to join the Scouts as a cyclist! I'm currently suffering from pneumonia, so not much exercise for me for the next few days, but I do have a ride from August 6th that I believe counts as saddle time. I was cycling with my friend, who was on his mountain bike, so speeds were not bad, but not spectacular.

Time: 1 hour, 3 minutes, 7 seconds

Distance: 14 miles (22.5km)

Average Speed: 13.3mph (21.4kph)

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Time: 6:22:00

Total Miles Cycled: 1940.7

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My weekly distance

Swim: 2500 yards

Run: 8.1 miles

Bike: 40 miles

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Well, this mini challenge coincided with my epic cycling endurance challenge! Between Monday 7th and Friday, I cycled 488 miles (I did 687 in total, including last Saturday and Sunday). Now, my thighs ache, my knees hurt, I've pulled a muscle in my left calf and my hands a numb from the pressure of the handle bars so I'm giving it a rest for at least a week!

I did all this before I even saw this mini challenge and I have already attributed points for these miles within my personal 6-week challenge, so I won't take the bonus stamina point (it seems like a cheat for me!) but I wanted to share it, hopefully to spur all you other scouts on.

Excellent challenge. :D

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This week was...ok. I'm still struggling with planning my workouts better because of the heat. My total mileage for the week was 15.8 miles.

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13mi this week!

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I didn't do anywhere near the distances some did, wrote Vickyloo that is phenomenal!

I did do:

1 km ride last Monday which wad before I read about the challenge so better not count it ;-)

wed, 7 km ride

Fri, 6.4 km ride

Sun, 0.5 km sprint with the dog then a walk with her and rest of family which goes towards my other goals too - efficiency!

This morning i added another 5 km bike and another 1 km run with the dog.

So total for the week is 20 km for me!

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