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Happienumber's challenge of FOCUS

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premashed sweetpotato FTW!! That so needs to exist!! No, I mash my own...but that is a seriously marketable idea there. you should sell that. As for protein shake, there is a gray area here. I use jarrows unflavored whey protein, because I've asked around and apparently whey protein is paleo, casein is not. I don't really understand that, based upon it being made out of milk, but I guess it's because it's only a small part of milk? But in whatever case, it's 18 grams of protein per scoop, and has no flavor to it at all, no sugars artificial or otherwise. I have to have some protein shake every day to hit my protein goals of >150 grams a day, and the unflavored stuff is really easy to throw in ANYTHING. Mashed sweetpotato, ground beef, a bowl of veggies, ect. once it's dissolved you'd never know it was there. When i'm not cutting out sweeteners, I use Isopure zero carb protein shake. It's also a whey, and it tastes amazing just mixed in water. they come in very anomalous flavors, not just like chocolate, vanilla, ect, but mango peach, apple, and other stuff that tastes like juice when you mix it up. It's sugar free, and has 50 grams of protein per serving.

A workout hour would be amazing. I think i'd rather have a workout hour than a lunch hour haha.

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[TABLE=width: 624]


Attributes Assigned


Attributes Awarded

4 days/wk Kettlebell



2 STA, 0.75 STR

2 sets 5 push ups




Whole Foods




Bible Reading





1. Doing the kettlebell for 10 minutes, 4 days per week. For the first four weeks I did this [in fact, two of the weeks I did 5 days instead of 4] but in the last two weeks I was traveling. I only did 3 days in week 5. In week six I was visiting a friend with a gym in her apartment building, so I did all the motions with an equally-weighted dumbbell 4 days in the week, but I’m not counting that as a kettlebell workout.

2. Push ups [RETOOLED] 2 sets of 5 full push ups.

SUCCESS! Very happy about this one. I can actually do three sets of 6 full push ups now. My form is nice and stiff, I just need to work on getting me feet closer together. Next challenge.

3. Whole foods: no grains, artificial sugars or flavors, or real added sugars.

I had a rice crust piece of pizza somewhere in the middle of the challenge [and PAID for it] and had a sip of coconut milk with a preservative [i discovered the preservative later. I broke out in a rash actually, bad reaction to like a ¼ of a mouthful. NASTY STUFF.] But on the whole I cut out so many of my staple foods and stuck to my diet with a strictness i’ve never had before. Added plus of discovering so many new foods I like and learning to cook some stuff without causing fires.

4. read the bible every day. I allowed myself 7 missed days and I only missed one, in the very first week. I call this an A. Especially because it’s now a habit and I don’t feel like i’m ever going to miss it again, at least due to laziness or forgetfulness.

I feel like on the whole, the challenge was a solid B+. I feel like I could have made a little more progress than I did but I made some major life changes that will be a part of me forever.

Baby steps, Bob.

Well done on your challenge! Just wanted to post your kudos personally here! Keep it up!

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