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Challenge 1 - Regroup

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No time for creative liberties here, I really just want to get these reports in and get to sleep haha

Second walk (through mall):

1. Is it me, or did JC Penny change their logo? I can swear it looks very different.

2. The food court was SEVERELY overcrowded. People were eating their lunch on the floor!

3. f.y.e. plays some terrible music (I never really notice since I'm always plugged into my own iPod).

Third Walk (early evening, eventually reaching old high school):

1. Rabbits. Everywhere.

2. Holy hell, the visiting team bleachers have gotten rusty as fuck. Home team bleachers, however, are pristine. =D

3. Some jerk blew through the stop sign in front of the school. IT'S A HIGH SCHOOL BE A LITTLE CONSIDERATE OF WHO'S GONNA BE WALKING AROUND THE AREA ASSHOLE. Granted it's summer, but still...some people...

Anyway, that's me. Was a little worried I wouldn't have time, but in the end all was well. =D

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Walk 3

Went on a different route than the other two, and also went pretty close to sunset. I took my dog with me on this patrol.

Since I was listening for different/unusual sounds, I noticed quickly that my dog's tags are loud. I couldn't hear myself walking in gravel over the noise they made.

Two cars that were driving around ended up turning around, one after the other. I found that a little amusing.

A lot of people like to longboard/bike/walk in the dark. There were at least two dozen people out while I was scouting.

Guess that's the completion of my first mission

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Mission completed!

Walk #2:

Old people folkdancing

A ceramic piece that looked like a cross between a pug, a gnome and a gremlin (post watering)

Stunning roses

Walk #3

A crazy guy with a bike. Instead of riding it he kept moving it a foot and in between each repositioning he rubbed the bike frame.

Seed pods that explode when you touch them.

A gang dealing with organized rubbish rummaging.

A place for a cool ninja action shoot.


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They're everywhere: the scum of society. She's above them now... Literally. Daggers in hand, she searches out her mark.

She's explored this island numerous times already. She knows where every nook and cranny is hidden. The southern end is full of concrete jungle; chariots of chrome ride without any thought to the red lights of the castle, and unsuspecting people drop their smoking pipes off the parapets. To the east, an unexpected breath of green, a moat full of ravenous birds, and a monolith that stands guard. Her challenge today is to get her mark, then disappear into the underground maze for supplies.

It isn't interesting work, but necessary. Her daggers slide out of her sleeves like claws out of a cat.

"Good morning," she says.


Walk one:

*Four cars ran a red light

*Someone almost dropped their cigarette on me

*Lots of downtown concrete

Walk two:

*Randomly, a huge park that I never new about :)

*Watch out for the seagulls in the park

*There's a huge pointy statue there but I don't know what for

Walk three:

*TO BE CONTINUED. (Going shopping in the Underground Mall.)


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All three of my walks took place over the weekend. One Friday night, one Saturday morning, and one Saturday afternoon. It was actually a great reminder to pay attention because while I walk a lot for errands I don't always notice what's happening in the neighborhood.


- Finally walked down a nearby alley that's famous for it's murals. I've lived in this neighborhood three years and walked by this alley an uncountable number of times. I took the time to really see it on Friday and it was really amazing. It was just me and the tourists but the artwork was awesome. Glad I finally made it.

- Noticed two new restaurants in different corners of my neighborhood. A new upscale pizza joint from an expensive-but-poorly-rated restaurant that I will avoid and a juice bar! Number two was exciting and I treated myself to a smoothie with protein powder after a hill workout.

- The one street that I thought was very sketchy and unsafe is actually only creepy looking in one particular area. The blocks at the opposite end of the neighborhood are really cute.

- There are many, many blackberry bushes growing on a hill near our apartment. Ripe for the taking.

- People getting off the bus on Friday's look completely beaten down. I'm going to make an effort not to end my week looking like that.

Excellent challenge and a good reminder to pay more attention in general.

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Finished my third and fourth walk!

I spent some time hunting in the underground mall. That was about half an hour of walking. In the evening I went for a walk along with my new two-pound weights, and I took an hour and a bit.

Walk four:

*There's a lot of parks by the water. One of them is a "park" but it's actually a concrete lot covered in park benches. They all face in different directions. It's kind of creepy at night.

*There's a nest of bats in an old tree out there. You know what that means... Nananana nananana Batmaaaannnn!!!

*If I walk for exactly half an hour, I arrive at a filtered water fountain and a bench! I did part of my new workout routine there.

*There's a lot of BMX bike enthusiasts out there.

*Also there's a lot of dog walkers. Most of them had dachsunds/wiener dogs for some reason. I guess it's a popular breed.

*There are stone pillars all along the path. I'm not sure what they're for. I guess so you can see where the path curves in the distance? It's not like the pillars have lights on them.

I did it!


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I didn't exactly walk anywhere today, but I spent 3 hours on a bus bouncing down a goat-path in the bush. So I decided to take some time to be observant of the landscape we pass through.

-it's really beautiful country when it's not a swamp due to excessive rain (like last year)

-there were two random 500# propane tanks nestled happily amidst the trees for no apparent reason. Perhaps they are meant to warn someone of a forest fire in that area by exploding if they catch fire?

-there's LOTS of ground work going on for roads, camps, and facilities/plants. This is going to be a busy area.

-I saw a mile-marker along the road today! I've been searching, fruitlessly, for so long that I though there weren't any. Which is crazy because the road is radio controlled, you NEED mile-markers so that everyone can accurately report their location.

This has been an intriguing mission, I can't wait to carry this exercise into my daily life, even of I'm not really allowed to walk anywhere outside the small fenced areas.

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Did these a while ago. Time to post finally! All of these walks were 30 minutes to the bay side and back.

Walk #1 Observations

- the wind was blowing Eastward

- Some of the palm trees on the path had been cut down

- I listened to a bird call and identified it correctly as a woodpecker.

Walk #2 Observations

- The air was still

- There is a large population of small snails by the seawall

- Realized that squirrels have white bellies. They scurry around so fast, I never noticed before.

Walk #3 Observations

- On the opposite side of the bay, I noticed a bright orange unnatural glow. Fire? I didn't smell smoke. Might've just been light pollution.

- Stargazing! Saw the Summer Triangle consisting of the stars Altair, Deneb, and Vega.

- Noticed an large Great Blue Heron by the dock. I wonder if it's the same one that liked to sit there last year.

Challenge Complete!

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Challenge: The Legend of Soiyer | Book 1: Swagger (#1) Not taking part in the current challenge but will regroup and return next time!

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