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Binge Eaters/Compulsive Eaters and Paleo


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I eat when I am happy,sad,bored,cranky, name it its true. I also have a love for bread and baked goods. I started switching to a predominantly paleo diet in June. One peace of advise I haven't seen here and one that probably was a make it or break t for me was going cold turkey on grains and processed foods is almost a death sentence fir those of us that binge eat. I know one theory is to go 30 day paleo jum start your life but its not the only way and not the one I would recommend for you. Another way to go about it and one I rec. is to take it really slow. Just try being paleo for 20 % of the day. It seems silly but that one meal is a good starter platform and you start to realize that you feel really good afterwards and have lots of energy. It gives your body time to transition and it gives you a chance to feel good about success not guilty about failure. Just try that for 2 weeks a month then try one meal one snack then 2 meals and maybe just stick with that. your body will let you know you are doing the right thing. And remember 1 day does not undo a whole month of trying or even 2 weeks. I went form needing to eat every hour or eating right after a meal to going 24 hours without being hungry. i dont get those sugar highs and lows and it totally helps and even when i do fall off the wagon eat a snickers which by the way leads to eating crap for the next 2 -3 days I still don't gain back that 20 pds I lost in 3 months. it has taken month of rewiring to get here but now my brain knows crap really makes you feel crappy. Amazing it has taken me 3 months of forgiving my self for failures and not giving up to get here but hay at the end of the day is bacon and dark chocolate covered almonds rally a horrible thought. no no its not.

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I'm not so bad with binge eating or compulsive eating, but given that I find myself hungry less often now that I've gone mostly Paleo (I still eat the occasional grain or dairy, granola bars, yogurt, and milk with my protein powders being things that I just can't give up....) I think it might help.

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