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DJ's Six Week Challenge

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I'm actually on week 3 of a 12 week Half Marathon training plan, so doing this 6 week challenge will hopefully keep me focused through the dog days of summer; the worst part of year here, we get through this and I'll be at week 9 of 12, which will put my goal race right in front of me

Goal 1: Keep up with my Intermediate Half Marathon training plan for the Hairy Gorilla Half (trail half marathon in Upstate NY)

Goal 2: Keep up on the house projects; as any person with kids who has a full time job, life can become hectic. I'm almost to the point of putting things back into the storage area of the attic, I just have to lay down some tiles around the outside of the room and lay down the rug

Goal 3: Swim more; try to get up early once a week, to get another swim in, instead of just once a week while my daughter is in her swim class

Goal 4: Become myself again and take on a new name; alot has happened in the last few years, enough to make a sane man insane; I need to re-connect with old friends and find myself a new job and just let go of the bitterness from the last few years

I know Goal 4 is going to take longer than 6 weeks but I have to start somewhere

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so I managed to do pretty well on my goals even if I didn't update this to often lol

I'm currently on week #5 of my Hairy Gorilla training, I so miscounted when I started, if I was on week 9 I would be doing the half in the beginning of Oct instead of the end, whoops lol, so I just did week 3 twice and making sure my long runs have some decent hills to help simulate the HGH course

Wooohooo the storage room is done!!!! now we have the fun time of going through things and saying keep, sell, trash; good thing bad thing is that the next kid is going to be born in the winter while there sister was born in the Spring/summer so all the baby clothes that we kept can now be donated, so that will take care of more than a few bins

So I haven't been swimming as much, but I've been doing a lot more speed work and haven't been wussing out on the hills, so I'll call this a draw, I'm just hoping for a sub 20 5k in a few weeks

As for my life goal, I can finally come out and say Baby #2 or Newo as we refer to him, is due mid-Feb

I've designed a few new t-shirts (nothing spectacular)

I started school again

I'm also working on my Mr. Olethros from the Gloaming costume. In my mind he is a Scout/Assasin, that lives in the gloaming (perpetual twilight) who can be confused with a Scarecrow; so with making a costume I need the body to go along with being an assasin so I've been doing more body weight work; meaning next challenge I'll probably be switching over to their challenge

Once I get done with the costume I'll post pics

Between a rock and a hard place, use our finger nails to climb, it's all we know..........

Daily Mile

Perfer et obdura: Dolor hic tibi proderit olim

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Good job on the trainng and good luck with Newo on the way, I was wondering if you were still around...

Are you entered in a 5k? Either way, good luck breaking 20, I think my best (3years ago) was 20:01 so make sure and at least beat me.

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Seems like everybody is on sparse update mode this challenge.

You are really doing great on your goals. Make sure you report on your 5K and Half times. 20 mins is my next stop for 5k, but my best is 23:51, so I'm not too close.

Keep working even if you aren't posting. WOOT!!

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