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Let myself introduce... myself

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For the TL:DR out there: I'm Bill. I'm Fat. Going to get fit :D

Hey Everybody My name is Bill but on the internet I go by Johnny Confidence. I found out about Nerd Fitness through another group I'm involved in, The Enforcers, who staff the PAX events each year (http://www.paxsite.com) There is a group of people in that community who are trying to lose weight and get fit and one of them put up a post about Nerd Fitness and what he was doing to get healthy. It inspired me to come visit the site and I've been hooked since.

I wanted to wait to post until I had all my stuff ready and I was actually working towards my goals but I'm afraid if I don't start somewhere I won't ever start. I'm working on putting together my plan now. I'm pretty much a plan sort of guy and until I have all my pieces in place I can't seem to get things going. That's a personal fault, and one I'm working to overcome. Sometimes planning is good, and sometimes too much planning means nothing gets done.

I'm a Fattie. Something I've struggled with all my life. I remember having stretch marks when I was 10. I think at one point I had my swim classmates convinced it was attacked by a tiger. When I was 13 I was about 220 and on my way up when I was fed up with my Weight. Both my Parents were overweight but were willing to help me. This was the early 90's and I guess most weight loss places didn't believe in childhood obesity back then. My mom took me to 3 or 4 places, even the Doctor, and they all said "Oh you're on your way to puberty, you'll grow out of it and dieting probably is bad for you" I'm not sure who told them you could grow out of being fat but it didn't really work. We did end up doing weight watchers as a family and that worked well. Unfortunately after about a year My parents quit and, while this isn't probably a valid excuse, there aren't a lot of options when you don't do the shopping and cooking. Once I was old enough to have control the bad habits were fairly set in. I've basically gained weight through all my adult life. There were a few times where I worked at it and dropped down but it's never stuck with me. Currently I'm up to 380 and in need of serious change.

Here is my motivation. My Son. My wife and I welcomed our first child into our lives this last August and my greatest fear is that he will grow up with these bad habits that I have and deal with all the struggles that come along with it. I want to eat right and lose weight for myself so I can play with him and not die before he gets out of college. I also want to be able to teach him through example how to eat and stay fit. I can honestly say I don't know how to do this right now. I've been studying and I understand the calorie principles, but there are 30 years of habits I have to change. I don't expect to be skinny, I don't have that body type, but I know that's no excuse for not being Fit.

My Goals are rough ideas at this point and I want to apply time lines to these. I also plan on breaking them out into more focused goals that I can work on and accomplish while building to the final destination like rungs on a ladder.

1. Retrain eating habits: Lose the sugar, junk food, soda. Learn portion control and better nutrition

2. Workout: A mix of strength training and general cardio to start building endurance (like go up stairs without being winded)

3. Lose 130lbs to start with.

So In the end my quick introduction ballooned into a lot more the I was going to originally say. I am actually putting together a status blog and I'm going to start a post in the weight loss section to track progress. I look forward to sharing my Journey with you all and learning along side as we all reach towards our goals. Thanks for the awesome community.

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Welcome aboard Johnny, and congrats on having your first kid.

Keep a picture of that kid WHEREVER you go. Keep him at the front of your mind as often as possible, when you don't feel like exercising, when you don't want to eat healthy, when you want to go get fast food and a pint of ice cream.

He's gonna need you, and if you want him to develop good habits, you need to present a great example.

Glad to have you here - email me at steve@nerdfitness.com and let me know if there's anything I can do to help you plan, I'd love to help.

You're amongst good people here, so post often and stay motivated and dedicated. You can do it man, one day at a time, one pound at a time.


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