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I found Nerd Fitness via The Art of Manliness, and have been lurking about for a couple weeks now, trying to decide whether or not I really wanted to join up. Obviously, I decided in favor of joining up.

I spent most of my 2-mile walk/run trying to figure out what to say in an introduction post, and I still haven't figured anything out! Gah.

My family has always been BIG fitness nuts. My father runs a P.E. program that makes parents and students cringe. The big goals of the school year is a weight lifting challenge (total pounds lifted in a 5 week period, with the winner I think being 300,000+ this year), an "Iron Man" involving a 2 mile swim in 1 hour, followed by a 4 mile run in 24 minutes (the "Super Man" has never been achieved YET), and a 15 mile run in 2 hours. Much to my frustration, I spent my entire school life with a chronic knee problem and torn shoulder tissue watching my younger brothers achieve goal after goal. =_=

Weight has always been an issue with me, and I hate it. When I graduated college, I managed to lose 60 pounds over a year, and promptly caught mononucleosis. It took me more than a year to get back to "normal," (even walking to the mailbox was exhausting) during which I gained all the weight back, and more.

Well, I'm back to normal now, a friendly chiropractor corrected my knee problem (it turned out the problem was my ANKLE. Go figure.), and I'm ready to kick some tail! My roommates are also working at losing weight, but I have learned that in order for ME to lose weight, I have to work three times as hard as other people. As such, I figured a little extra social support from people who *don't* eat toast at all hours or only pick a little at exercising would not be amiss. :3

Therefore, tally-ho, and all that.


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Hey Istra!

No problem with lurking, but thanks for jumping in head first. Glad to have you, please don't hesitate to ask for help or advice...or if you need somebody to motivate you, whatever.

We're all in this together, so let's take care of business!

Glad to have you here :)


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I am. I teach choir (with lots of drama incorporated) and Yearbook publications at a small (very, VERY small) Christian school. I also teach piano lessons to make ends meet (ew). I also signed up to help out during the P.E. class this year as part of my "fitness regime."

I love my kids. <3 They're *amazing*. ^_^

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