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How many Canadian Rebels do we have!?

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Hi Petefeet,


I've been to Cambridge several times.  There is a yummy bakery there.  :-)


I think you asked on another topic if we were Hal-con-ers.  I'm not yet, but I hope to go this year.  

Hey Peace,


Do you mean the Sour Dough Bakery near the airport? They have coconut cream filled muffins! I limit myself to one trip a year <g>.


Hal-con should be great this year, hopefully the crowd control issues from last year won't rear its ugly head again.


btw, thanks for "liking" my facebook store.



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Very, very full of Newfies!  I like the maritime culture though, so that's alright with me :) Also full of Portugese, who make the most amazing pastries.  That's less alright with me, those custard pastry things are so hard to resist!

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I know Google Maps has a thing for that, we used it to track the locations of fans on a Facebook group.  Anyone else know more aboot this?


The Members Map link on the forums here won't work for me.  I've tried four different OSes (Mac, Vista, 7, and Android) and four browsers (Safari, Silk, Firefox, IE) but it never loads.  I tried searching through the forums to see if there were any comments on it but couldn't find anything.

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Ottawa here!!!

Welcome to NF, Salmon17. Glad to see some other faces, well avatars, in the capital up here.


Hmmm, we're starting to get a decent Ottawa showing over here now. I think we might be up to about a half dozen now. this whole fitness thing might be catching on. :)

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