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How many Canadian Rebels do we have!?

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Hey Canadians! *waves from across the border in sunny Minnesota*

I will be in Winnipeg this Saturday (Nov 17) for the Manitoba Open and Jr. Provincials weightlifting meet. A group of 4 lifters (all women) from my weightlifting team is traveling up there. I'm not sure yet what time the women will lift, but I'll be there so come say hi if you can!

UPDATE: The meet is at the University Of Manitoba, Frank Kennedy Centre. Women lift at 10:30 am.

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Go, Canada, Go! It's Toronto for me!

Spent the entire weekend proclaiming Canada's current awesome status - as just about the strongest country in the world. With the #1 banking system (we're actually sending ppl worldwide to teach them the Canadian system - oh, and by 'we', I mean Canada), a solid economy and a ton of natural resources (ok, I guess we can't really take credit for that one), I'm finally seeing why living here is a good thing. It's been known as a quiet, polite, family-friendly country, but let's admit it - it's been kinda lame. Now I see lame's a good thing :-)

Good luck to all of us! Looking forward to seeing fit Canadians around :)

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I sign up for the May 11th running of the Tough Mudder today! ... Even though I royally re-damaged my knee yesterday. I figured it would be a good motivation to fix it good and proper this time.

SO: Will we put together a Nerd Fitness Tough Mudder Toronto team? I think we must! That said, I'm quite the nomad and can offer much more enthusiasm than I can consistency in organizing.

Cheers All!

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