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Challenge 2 - Relocate!

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Ordering online from Home Depot: 5 minutes.

0.5 cubic feet of pea gravel (50-55 lbs): $3.71 with tax.

Carrying said gravel 1 mile to home: 22 minutes.

The look on the person's face when I said I was planning to carry it home barefoot in the rain: priceless.

I refused to put it down until I had taken my picture.



Thats amazing.

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I work at my college bookstore so I spent about 15-30 minutes re-stocking the shelves (dragged/carried 25-50lbs of books) on wednesday and thursday. Done! :D

STR +1

STA +1

Challenge: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/24724-rain13-hell-yea-im-back/#entry419693


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Just finished 30 min neighborhood circuit with weighted vest and ankle weights--the "death march" from a previous challenge. Hadn't done it in a while and was surprised at how much harder it was than I remembered...I'm sure it's from not ha ing done it in over two months!

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I spent about 2 hours hauling a 30# bag of tools all across site; hoisting/lowering with rope, climbing ladders (my gear weight about 20# with all my stuff), and doing medium size bolt up, using a wrench to torque several blind flanges to 800ft/lbs WITHOUT the snipe on it. It wasn't 30 solid minutes of just carrying something heavy, but I'm gonna count it. Lol.

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A couple of human thugs working with our swindler target have discovered the location of our base of operations for this mission. It is imperative that we change our position immediately. I placed all I could (mostly weapons and copies of our sacred books) into a pack, as did the rest of the camp. We traveled more than 30 minutes before we arrived at a location the master deemed applicable for our needs.

Filled my backpack with a large number of textbooks and 30 pounds of extra weight via weights. It came out to about 45 (I would have added more, but I feared the straps of the backpack ripping on me). Then I went on a ~35 minute walk about town. I was surprised how difficult it was near the end. That can't have been good for my back haha

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"So the guild leader decided to change our standing positions. I should at least work so that the conditions of living could be bearable for all.". Shadows after shadows, the items necessary for a new siege were arriving. Her fellow guild-members were of course really effective and loads of food, furnitures and necessary living items were already piling up near the castle's wall, or what were left of it.

Nuala decided that a little more organisation could be useful for everybody's living conditions here. Moving stuff there and here, she set some place for the assassin to sleep, creating some "bed" from piles of wood and linen. After having created a dormitory satisfactory enough, Nuala turned around to face the future kitchen.


Ok, that would be the difficult part. Pots and dishes and vials and bags everywhere. It took half a day to Nuala to sort everything in more convenient places. Damn, theses pots where heavy. Her arms were sore, her back was hating her when she finally finished. "Good grief, some rest, at least!". She was stretching when a shadow moved behind her, definitely not a guild member, nobody would be stupid enough to sneak behind an assassin. Her dagger was faster than the hand reaching her shoulder and a body fell at her feet. Asleep. Being an ex-poisoner, having a sleep drug on her dagger was more of an habit, luckily for the thief that was snoring loudly. Of course, he had to follow her here too, her fellow mansion climbing team-mate. Sighting, she carried him to a safer place where he could sleep for the next few hours.

It was a little difficult to do this challenge as intended so I had to tweak it a bit, you'll judge is it's good enough or not. My apartment was quite messy and sometimes it provokes a cleaning frenzy. I decided to wear some weighted armband (1kg each) and then started cleaning the apartment, starting by the bedroom, moving stuff around some light (pack of clothes) other heavy (chest of drawers full of clothes, chairs, an old amp, the bed with my BF on it >_>) to be able to vacuum the floor. That's for the push/pull/drag part :P

Then I went to clean my own room. Because of the monk first challenge, my room actually looked like that:


So I took every item, sorted them and move them into cardboard, moving the cardboard around to get more room and finally, when they were full, pushing them around the room. Putting the chairs and the table back to their right place. I assure you, it was quite heavy >_<

As it did not seemed enough to me, I decided to try to carry my BF on my back, mind you, I'm 53kg, he is 67. I actually managed to carry him around the apartment for two cycles (his room, my room, the corridor) even if it was only a total of one minute and half... I felt like a feather when I dropped him!

So it's not as badass as other assassin, so I'll let you decide if it's still good enough.

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Carrying boyfriend around on your back,after hauling furniture around= badass assasin

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Carrying boyfriend around on your back,after hauling furniture around= badass assasin

I'll second this motion.

"Oh, fear not in a world like this, And thou shalt know erelong, Know how sublime a thing it is, To suffer and be strong."  - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow -

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I spent several hours on and off Friday dragging around a small suitcase full of costume changes as well as wearing my backpack which was probably about 10 lbs. Then I wore my full packback (easily had 15 lbs in there) to a shoot on Saturday with way more stuff in it, walked around for at least 15 min with that on. Mission accomplished! My legs still kinda hurt...grunt.

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Walked 15 minutes across campus while carrying my approximately 15lb backpack. Did this twice. Also moved a whole bunch of chairs from behind a stage to on it. Mission = success.

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Filled a backpack up with books and tossed it on the bathroom scale: 23 lbs but it got really upset when it tried to calculate the backpack's body fat %. I brought it downstairs and grabbed my dog's leash and gentle leader (he's a beast, and I've been slacking on daily walks recently, opting for bike rides instead to run off his energy). Husband asked what I was doing, so I told him, and he proceeded to hunt down his backpack, load it up with 40lbs of books and magazines and put on his ankle weights (he had to outdo me, I laughed) and grabbed the leash for the other dog. I set my phone to record where we were going so I'd know how long the walk was. I think that Husband might have thought that when I said "a short walk" I meant around the block. He was sweating pretty hard 2 miles later, and had moved the ankle weights to the straps on his pack since his calves were cramping up. I'm planning on stealing the ankle weights next time, but maybe this will be a way to get him out exercising with me more often.

Overall, Mission: Defeated.

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My wife and I are all moved in to our first home. We spent the weekend moving everything we own. This challenge came at a good time for me.

My wife and I both got sore backs, calloused hands, bumps, scrapes and bruises, but we slept in out new home last night. Very exciting!

P.S. carrying your boyfriend around definitely should count, that's pretty hardcore.


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I decided to try to carry my BF on my back, mind you, I'm 53kg, he is 67.

That's brilliant!

I went to have two propane tanks refilled yesterday, and since the lowest cost place to get it done is also a shopping centre that's packed on weekends I had to park the car on the opposite side of the site. Not fun, but hey - worked out for this challenge, right?

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You guys are doing awesome - loving the creativity I'm seeing in these challenge threads. Nice job, Assassins. A new challenge will be up tomorrow :)

must apologize to all my fellow assassins. been pulling some big fat ZEROs lately with the mini challenges. Does purposefully pushing my crazy heavy lawnmower without its drive function count?

Nuke - did I miss the winner announcements for the last 6 week challenge? Wanted to pat some peeps on the back.

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I moved the filing cabinet from HQ and got it into the truck to move to the new location. (I went on a closet cleaning spree and realized I didn't need the tall four-drawer metal filing cabinet anymore. I found a neighbor who runs a non-profit that helps stray cats and she wanted the cabinet. I live on the third floor of an old Victorian. I lugged the cabinet and then the drawers, in stages, down into the yard, and then helped load it up to be taken away. It took me forever to drag that thing out of the closet and all the way down into the yard. I had to put the stupid thing down every four or five steps. I did it yesterday, so my arms are still a teeny bit stiff and achy...but not too bad)

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after completing her secret mission in Constantinople, the assasin traveled by land to the White City, and arrived there on an early morning. She had put all her humble possessions in a simple bag, hiding the maps of Constantinople somewhere therein, to confuse robbers. she was happy this worked, even while taking the smugglers train from Sofia . Now she walked the familiar streets, passing bakers and strangers, looking for the safehouse she would be hiding in the coming week. But being weary from the travel, exhausted by random meetings strange events and stranger conversations, she got strangely lost, confused by the city center, betrayed by it's big lanes, named after kings and princesses of older times, and though nothing seemd unfamiliar, she strangely lacked the insight of how these familiar places connected. affter an hour of walking around, she found herself on the right way home, sneaked in under the early morning sun, and found herself a place to curl up and sleep. she would be dealing with her host later, now was time for rest.

I thought often of this challenge while dragging my duffle bag with all my stuff trough early morning belgrade and getting lost like an idiot yesterday. it took me about an hour and a half to get from the trainstation to where I needed to be. The bag is... 10 kgs? it was heavy enough.

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Sunday August 19th @09:35:

I loaded up my 80L hiking pack and carried 35lbs of food (enough for myself and my mate for the week) the 1.45km home. It took about 20 minutes to do, but felt intimidating. :)

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This game looks a lot like a bizarre hybrid of Harvest Moon and Minecraft.

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