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I Hate Vegetables

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For raw, try this recipe. It combines both fruit and vegetable, and even my wife can stomach it.

1 medium cucumber

2 medium pears (any variety)

1/2 lemon or lime

black pepper

raw spinach leaves

Peel the cucumber, and slice the pears, removing the core

Using a cheese grater (I use fine, but the coarser works as well) grate the cucumber and pear, leaving just the skin of the pear.

Toss cucumber and pear together with the juice from the lemon or lime, and a pinch of black pepper.

Serve atop a small bed of spinach leaves.

Surprisingly, the different sweetness and acidic tendencies take this and send the taste buds into a ride. If you can get arugula, it works well in place of spinach.

One other thing, and it may be hard to find, but try to find a Buddhist recipe book. Most are vegetable only (some concessions may be given for milk) and will give you a plethora of ideas on how to eat veggies.

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Wow, what an amazing thread! I myself am a HORRIBLE veggie eater. I definitely am a fan of Crisper Veggies and hate mush. Love Raw carrots and hate them cooked and I also am not a huge fan of tomatoes Raw but love them cooked in stuff.

One thing I made this past weekend for our memorial day picnic was Asparagus wrapped in Prosciutto. I had never had Prosciutto before and I really enjoyed it. Though next time I would rather eat it sooner. I think it sat too long and got soggy or I used too much Olive Oil.

I will never forget the story my mother told me of when I was 5. We would never eat veggies so she would chop them up in a food processor and put them in our hamburgers when she made burger patties. It worked until one day she got lazy and didn't chop them up fine. I had this giant green thing in my burger that freaked me out.

One meal i make lately (though I would like to find other things to blend into it) Is cooking up some Zucchini, snap pears, peppers in some olive oil with garlic. Then I add it to some Pasta with a chicken breast I cut up and mix it all together. It is that yummy stir fry method. :)

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