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Putting myself out here

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Ok, this is the first Ive stepped into a guild.

First thing I will say.

Im a total running newbie. total.

As in, I fall into the category of "I hate running and have only previously lifted weights".


now, that being said- Im

A) Trying to get over my running hate.

B) I just resigned myself up for the new UA What's Beautiful Challenge

C) my dance teacher and I just signed ourselves up for our first 5K that we're going to run together in November.

So yeah. Im sure I'll have 110 questions as I go along, but I figure the first step is putting myself out there and saying

"HI! Im HeeeeEEEEEeeerrrree!"

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My wife just started to train again after a difficult pregnancy.

Walking five minutes and jogging one, repeated for a half hour. Three times a week, and each week increase either the running of decrease the walking. In not too many weeks she is already at three running to two walking.

This is a legitimate running style for any distance, by the way. I just read some using thirty minute runs and five minute walks to finish a hundred mile race in a decent time.

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Running with a friend definitely makes it easier and can actually make it fun, or at least something you look forward to.

Is there any particular reason you want to make friends with running? I always hated it, too, but my ego goaded me in to signing up for a 10 mile race last year, and I haven't looked back.

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thanks everyone!

My reasons for trying to become friends with running are:

A) the running will NOT win!

B) I need to add something to my weight training that aids in getting the BF% down. Other than dancing (Im a belly dancer, and take class for 3-4 hours a week plus at home practice time) and needed to add something more to the mix.

C) Im also doing it as part of my UA What's Beautiful Challenge. And one of my besties' is a personal trainer, who just did his first 5K and is pushing me to try it too.

those and the fact that I just need to know what all the buzz is about :)

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My partner in crime, just informed me that she's not able to run the 5K with me.

That the date didn't click for her, and she will be out of the country visiting family that day.

AND to boot- looks like Mr Pirate and I will be going on vacation, so I found another 5K race that its the weekend before. So I can run, and then go on vacation- because let's face it, i WILL be finishing my first 5K!!!


~It's when Pirates count their booty that they become mere thieves.~My Fitness Pal TrackerMy 6 Week Challenge Page- Scout

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Greeting, salutations and woot to you IP!

Good luck with the 5K!

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