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Challenge 5: MINI-BOSS - General Fogg


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Greetings, Assassins.

Last week we faced a perilous enemy in Sloth, but we fought hard and emerged from our battle the victor. That being said, this war is far from over. This time, we face a new foe. He's known as General Fogg, an official of the enemy's army, and was largely responsible for some of the victories that the enemy army took in the battle of the siege of the castle.

Fogg is an elusive foe, always on the move, but we can defeat him easily if we track him down and come up with a plan of attack.

Your challenge is this.

This challenge will be focused on organization, planning, and tracking.

1. Find an area of your life where you're unorganized. It can be your personal finances, your workout routine, school, work, or even your actual home.

2. Create a plan of action for getting yourself organized in that area. Maybe you need to start a workout log, or commit yourself to organizing a study schedule.

3. Spend the next week carrying out that action plan!

Personally, my organizational weakness is school. I have a lot I need to stay on top of, and I wind up falling behind a little bit. I will spend the next week preparing myself and setting up for an ass-kicking semester.

Your reward for completing the challenge will be +1 WIS and +1 CHA.

The deadline is Tuesday, September 11th, at 11:59PM.

Good luck, Assassins.

Your thoughts are free, let your bodies be the same.

Valar Morghulis
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I recently moved into a new home, and am in the process of unpacking all my belongings. Finding a place to store all my stuffs, can be pretty overwhelming. The one area where I have made very little progress is my garage. I have alot of tools, and have the opportunity to set up the majority of the garage as a shop for my hobbies. I have been paralyzed with the amount of options I have, and the amount of work to be done.

For this challenge I will find a way to organize my shop, making sure that all my stuffs find a thought out home. I am looking forward to getting this done, thanks for the kick in the rear to get it completed.


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I thought that letting the night pass will inspire me, but I have no idea of what to do with this challenge.

I am, by default, a really organised person. My daily schedule is almost always the same with time for my trainings, when I skip one it's always willingly. My workouts are tracked on paper and Fitocracy. My apparent is getting emptier each week because my BF and I are trying to be more minimalist and even when it's messy I still know where everything is. I'm in charge of the meal for so long that I can come up with the menu while sleeping. Actually, thinking about it, it appears that my problem in life is I'm way too organised for my own good :D

I'll have to think about it a little more.. if some of you have ideas or suggestions, please fell free to tell, that would help :D

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Ok, I think I know what I will track. Until the end of the 6 week challenge, and for nerd-ish purpose only, I will track my food, my weight, my measurements and calories consumed.

Weight will be measured twice a day, just after getting up and just before going to bed

Measurement will be taken once a day in the evening: bust, waist, hips and tight

I will track every thing I eat or drink with the amount.

I can't say it's a really useful thing to track as I don't have to lose or gain weight but it may be something interesting to observe for a while. Maybe I will discover some things I can improve. Today, I set up a spreadsheet. I start recording tomorrow and end the tracking on the 17th September.

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I'm getting ready to head off to college in a few weeks, and I need to clean and organize my room. Also, I need to figure out what I have and what I need. Today and tomorrow I will do laundry and organize my desk and dresser. For the rest of the week (through Tuesday) I will organize what I have into two plastic bins, and make a list of what I still need to get.

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Happienumber limped through the base doors, dropping her pack by the wall and collapsing into the nearest chair. Erik, who had been watching the whole scene, came over and pulled one of the chairlegs out from underneath her, and she came crashing to the floor.

"What the-"

"Get up."

She staggered to her feet. He pointed to the door and her bag on the floor, "You don't ever come in from a mission and just drop into a chair. You didn't even clear the room when you arrived."

"clear the room? it's base, you're here."

"That doesn't matter. You always clear the room. There might have been hostiles in here who had taken me hostage. You might have been able to tell that if you have given a half a look around this place or at least looked me in the eye. You have three steps you have to do when you come in from a mission, 1: Check your environment. Clear the area, make sure it's safe. No enemies, bombs, or listening devices. Take care of anything that might need attention, trash, or a mess from something that fell over while you were gone. 2: Take care of your gear. Look at your pack. it's covered in mud, the strap is ripped in the corner. I don't even know what to say about your jacket."

"I just came in from four days of living in the woods being chased by your crazy attack drones."

"Exactly. You're going to be a mess when you come back. That's expected. You have to DO something about it. Clean and repair your gear after you clear your environment. Put it back where it belongs so that you can find it instantly if you have to move out again. 3: Your body. Do you realize your leg is bleeding?"

She glanced down at her blood soaked pantleg, "Yikes. No I hadn't noticed. I was too busy."

"When you've finished with your environment and your gear, check yourself. Wash up, change clothes, Fix your wounds, and get your mind in a recharged headspace. Read something, do some sudoku, anything to calm your mind and defragment your thoughts so you can think straight. Then, and only then, can you take a nap, or do whatever else you want to do."

my biggest "zone" of disorganization at the moment is my "coming home" routine. I leave junk in my car, drop my stuff all over the floor in my house, drop a dirty dish in the sink and don't wash it, and flop in a chair and do nothing productive. I'm going to organize this with a "Protocol."

1. Environment: Remove ALL things from my car that are not car-kit every time I get out. I no longer want to see twelve to-go coffee cups, six tupperware bowls, all of my silverware, and every piece of junk mail I havn't thrown out strewn all over my car. Check my house when I get home. Are there chores that I didn't do in the morning? finish them now.

2. Gear: Put away everything I brought in from my car, in it's proper place. If it doesn 't have a place, find one. Wash any dishes I brough in [i eat breakfast in my car. not the best solution i know...] Immediately. Hang up my clothes and put shoes in the closet, not in the middle of the living room. Hang up all my EDC on it's correct hooks.

3. Self: change out of my work clothes first thing, wash up, and then read something smart/do some ken ken/Have a snack/play dual n-back for at least ten minutes before transitioning to my next task.

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I'm really not as on my shit with my acting as I could be. I feel like I'm bouncing and reacting to things rather than actively constructing as much as possible.

So, my goal will be to

1) Email everyone I filmed with over the summer and ask them for footage.

2) Complete my Profile on NYCastings and make sure all my other casting profiles are up to date(resume, contact info, etc).

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how convenient a challenge, as i have been taking such suggested action with my house cleaning for a couple weeks now!

1. the wife and i have been very erratic in keeping the house clean since we moved in together.

2. with a little help from my friends at ArtOfManliness.com, we developed a weekly, morning-ly and evening-ly schedule of cleaning tasks to perform.

3. we have stuck to it as best as we can, and it works out nicely for us!

does this mean i completed the challenge? LOL

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Alright, my organizational skills when it comes to my room are dismal. It's always a mess, and my floor is essentially made of clothes, even though I have a perfectly good laundry hamper three feet away in the bathroom. So, I have cleaned my room. It looks quite nice, actually. You can see the floor and everything. My personal challenge is to keep it that way. It's been clean all week, but it needs to stay that way. So, while this is somewhat of a continuing mini-challenge, I will say that I'm glad of what's been done thus far.

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