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August Challenge FINAL BOSS - The Bishop Confudus


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Greetings, Assassins.

These last few weeks have been filled with mental training, organization, and preparation. You've challenged your minds and learned a ton about yourselves and your surroundings. Now it's time to test your bodies as well.

Our enemy this time around is the Knowledge Bishop Confudus. He has been a captive of the rebel army since the seize of the castle, and he's been using his infamous speechcraft to spread misinformation around the community, including some of those among our ranks. The only way we can regain control and restore balance and wisdom is to turn his words right around on him.

We've spent the past six weeks learning - now it's time to teach.

Your mission is as follows:

This week, you must pass on your knowledge, to just one person, in just one way. You can post a FB status regarding what you've learned, you can teach something to your friends or family or co-workers, you can even post something in another guild. And it can be about whatever you practiced the past six weeks - finances, health, fitness, travel, general life-bettering, anything.

The idea is simply to start spreading information that you think will help better people's lives, in whatever little way, because at the end of the day, that's what we really want to do.

The deadline for this mission is Sunday September 16th. Apologies for the tiny timeframe.

Your reward for completing the challenge will be +1 WIS, +1 DEX, and +1 CHA.

Good luck, Assassins.

Your thoughts are free, let your bodies be the same.

Valar Morghulis
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Oh this is fantastic! Literally two days ago I sent one of my best friends a ton of articles on Paleo and related info. She's going to Cancun in five weeks and wants to slim town/town up and I gave her the "it's not going to be easy but here's what you can do" speech. I'll follow up with her today and she what kind of steps she's taken so far. She is a believer in "conventional wisdom" about fitness and I'm trying to convert her to the Rebel way.

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I'm really pleased this is the first challenge I can do as a non-lurker.

The past few weeks, people have really noticed the changes in me, and I've tried to be a good example and trying to avoid being "That girl.". It's working better than I thought. For this challenge, my particular focus was on a friend who really struggles to stick to long-term health goals. I have gotten her hooked on Nerd Fitness, and she will be joining the forums soon. We intend to start our six week challenges at the same time, so we can keep each other on track.

I'm so excited to see her so excited about us being fit and working together, and I think it will be great for us both in the long run. I can't wait.

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Just spent 45 minutes yesterday with my friend teaching her some basic parkour, and how to build upper body strength with pull ups and push ups. We're going to make it a regular thing be used she really wants to learn parkour! I think this counts, we did work on push ups which was part of my challenge....

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In just the past two days:

  • My sister received her copy of "It Starts with Food."
  • I've helped a friend cope with the effects of depression.
  • I've posted affirmations in my PvP which are helpful to combatting depression.
  • I've posted fitness videos of an average guy on his journey to superhero.
  • I've passed on knowledge of test first and behavior driven development to a Nerd Fitness programmer.
  • I've made dietary recommendations to multiple friends.
  • I've suggested initial exercise programs for multiple friends.
  • I've posted pictures of enticing and healthy paleo food.

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done =) i learned that after not eating much junk food (candy, soda, chips ect.) that you get sick when you do eat it. and to stop when you feel pain in your shoulder when doing push ups before it gets too bad. Also stretching is very important. (posted to tumblr and fb)

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I have gotten a friend to pledge to work out with me on Sunday. He's actually in better shape than I am, by way of genetics and previous activity, but he's interested in working towards actively bettering himself. I am glad to be able to help him gain knowledge of exercise techniques, and if it goes well, we'll probably work out together more in the future.

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I'm going to be spreading some nerd fitness love this weekend when i visit friends in Maryland! count me in for that.

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Sitting around the fire pit I ended up discussing and taking questions on Buddhism and the paleo diet and other topics related to my changed life!

This is what happens when you last saw people and were 373lbs and now thanks in no small part to nerdfitness are a fitness nut.

Assassin: Rank: 6 (Disciple) STR: 10 DEX: 20 STA: 7 CON: 6 WIS: 6 CHA: 5
"Though one may conquer a thousand times a thousand men in battle, yet he indeed is the noblest victor who conquers himself." - Buddha
Height: 5'9" Weight: 215lbs Age: 34
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Saw my family this week end. I explained them why I was avoiding grains, that I was not starving because of it and what effect on my body grains had. My mother was interested, she doesn't eat much grains already but she will try to stop bread.

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