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So, today, about 3 months from when I first saw myself in the mirror and realized how big I've gotten.

I wanted a few simple things.

I wanted to lose some of the 302 pounds I've been carrying around.

I wanted to hold a plank for at least 60s

I wanted to do 100 continues squats.

And one of the biggest, I wanted to do one god damn push up.

For the first month, I stuck to the Angry Birds workout, and I made real progress, I had some trouble starting out, like a lot of people, I could barely do a Knee Push Up, I couldn't hold a plank for much longer then 5 seconds and I couldn't squat to save my life.

By the end of the first month, I could pump out about 30-40 Knee Push Ups, Hold a plank for a little over 30 seconds and do over 75 squats in once go.

But then school started again, and my three workouts a week went to two, then one, then I didn't do them at all, I went back to "Well, I'll just do them Monday/Wednesday/Friday" But those days never came.

But then, once again, I stood up, said "F*ck it" and got right back to it, I lost a little progress, but I made it back and then some.

But I hit a wall, my squats were amazing, I almost hit 100, this from a guy who barely do a single Knee Push Up, my planks weren't progressing as fast, but they were still going.

My Push ups were doing great at first as well, I went from one, to 10, to 20 and almost to 40 in two reps, all on my knees, of course, but I just couldn't do one actual manly push up.

So, once again, distraught, I fell off the bandwagon, days turned to weeks, weeks turned to a month.

This morning, without school or anything else to do, I decided to pick up my "Gym" (Bedroom), as I was getting rid the garbage, I still had my little mat rolled out, so I gave a shrug, got down on my toes and tried to do a push up, expecting to fall on my face as usual.

And then, for the first time in my life, I did a god damn push up.

And for the next hour, I was ecstatic, I just passed a huge milestone, and without missing a beat, I went straight in to my workout, and not only did I do another, I did four more, then another, and then another, for a total set of 5/1/1.

I went from doing one knee push up, to seven god damn push ups.

It's only seven, and I still have a long way to go, but I've finally done it, I did a god damn push up.

And I can't wait for Monday to do it again.

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Huray! From 0 to seven, very exciting, congratulations!

And in case you lose motivation in the future, just remember that the angry bird workout can be split into 5 minute chunks, and there's no excuse to not have 5 minutes. On that note, I'm going to do a quick set...

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Good job! Steady progress is great.

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So many success stories are told, but so few people remember to mention all the times the failed and all the times they set themselves back on the way, even though it happens to everyone. We need more stories like yours!

Bravo on your progress. I am looking forward to the amazing things you'll see for yourself another three months down the road.

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Good for you be careful with the Planks if you are 300 pounds most likely you are also Lorodonic (or you lead with the hips front pushes forward back is flat) they could be hard on your lower back if you have problems try to find an alternative.

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Keep up the good work!! It's not easy, especially when you have a hectic schedule. Stick to it, do what you can. I find that if I surround myself with people who support my quest I'm much less likely to make excuses. Feel free to stop by for support!! We're here :)

Good Luck!!! And keep up the great work.

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