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SCOUTS: Challenge Wrap-up


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Thanks to a huge effort by the entire Scout contingent, we've managed to recover the third key part. Well done to everyone who participated! If you are happy with your new training schedule, give yourself a pat on the back and +1 WIS!


We've come a long way this challenge, so well done everyone. We haven't yet managed to recover the 4th Key Part, but who knows, maybe we'll come across it soon?

If you haven't yet, now's the time to write up a summary of your challenge and give yourself an overall grade. We'll be choosing the Scout Champion this week, so get in there!


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Challenge Summary

Fitness Goals

2.4k in under 15 minutes - C (started at 16 minutes finished at 15:30)

Warm up, cool down and stretch after every workout – A- (forgot to stretch twice)

Complete stage 1 of NRoL for Women – A (done + bonus workouts)

Life Goal

Complete 12 hours of study each week – D+ (most I did was about 6 hours)

Overall I will give myself a C+

More detail can be found in my challenge thread

STR – 24.45, DEX – 13.50, STA – 23.50, CON – 21.40, WIS – 27.65, CHA – 4.50
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goal 1: I cut 10 seconds off of my mile instead of 20, B-

goal 2: I added a total of 15lb to my lifts instead of 55, C

goal 3: I toughened up my feet more than I thought I would(whoot), A

goal 4: I was more productive, but not by much, C-

So this challenge I got sick, tweaked my back, was up late with bad indigestion, and had relatives over for two weeks. But, I learned that my press form/mobility was lacking, that I don't mind doing dishes/chores in the morning, and I found the resolve to start eating better. Also, I started practicing the tuck planche (fun!), and re-found my old love of distance running.

Now it's time to start formulating my goals for the next challenge!

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I gave me a B

Here is my Write-up

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Race: Wood Elf | Class: Footpath Ranger Leader

Level18 (STR):44.25 (DEX):37.25 (STA):30 (CON):31.25 (WIS):31.5 (CHA):25.25

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I got my +1 WIS for the mini-challenge, but have to give myself a disappointing C for the full Challenge.

Full Challenge Report here.

[TABLE=width: 700]


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STR:7.75 DEX:7.33 STA:14 CON:5 WIS:7.5 CHA:4

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Fitness goals:

1. To run a mile in 10 minutes or less.

(I give myself an A because I have managed to improve my time, my best time so far has been 9:33. I have been able to keep up with this.)

2. To complete 5 pushups in proper form. We are talking full-on pushups, not girl pushups.

(I give myself a B, I managed to get to a total of 5 but I still feel I need more work in this area.)

3. To complete 42 sit-ups in proper form. Currently I am able to do 21 sit-ups.

(I give myself an A for this part because I am now up to 80 sits ups which is more than what I originally wanted to reach.)

Life goal:

To eliminate frivolous, idle or entertainment-only usage of electronics past 9:30pm each night, roughly an hour before bed so I can get better sleep, and so I can spend quality personal time for myself (writing, reading, relaxing) and with my fiance.

(For this I am going to have to give myself a C, I did really well before school started and I did manage to finish one of the books I had started from before. Once school started it was hard to stay away from the computer because of the amount of homework I have on a daily basis. I did not however watch TV, listen to music or anything else beyond 9:30. Everything was strictly for school.)

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Final Grade: D

The summary is here

I don't consider the D to be too bad. I feel that I made a lot of progress and had some successes (mile PR of 6:50) along the way...and I learned a bit about goal setting that I don't think I've contemplated before...which is 'Is this the best time to do this?' (Organize the office).

It's been a great challenge and I have looked forward to seeing everyone's progress and thoughts along the way!

Celtic ScoutLevel 4Str 8 | Dex 7.5 | Sta 12.25 | Con 9 | Wis 10.5 | Cha 7.75Battle Log"Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Hi everyone,

Well I must confess I have been somewhat preoccupied these past couple of weeks but with the birth of our second girl, I can probably be forgiven :) Mother and bub are home and doing well, as is older (nearly 2) sister and the dog... and me :)

Importantly I haven't forgotten about working out and although my workouts have been pretty light and somewhat few and far between in the last fortnight at least, I did get out to the gym today for a full solid workout and I'm hoping to be able to get a couple in next week and to start getting back into a routine!

So to my goals for this challenge:

Health / Fitness:

1. Do some form of exercise three days a week. I've been getting up for a proper 30-40 min workout early in the mornings lately, but I started this year just doing a few mins - 10 push ups and 10 sit ups I started with, and no matter what else is going on, I should be able to crank out a few push ups at least - The last thing I want to do after buying a nice expensive gym setup for the garage is fall out of the habit of using it! Stamina +5.

Well I think I did pretty good at this, since bubs has been born (5th September, beautiful little girl - Alicia Hannah!) I haven't really done too much, though I have tried to at the very least, do a few kms walking / running each week to get out of the house (and get the K9 out too), and I've tried to throw in a couple dozen squats or push ups when I go for a shower. Today all the girls were asleep at once (the baby, our almost 2 year old and my wife) so I managed to get out into the gym and I was very impressed that I not only managed to equal my last pre-birth workout from a few weeks ago, but I also managed to up a couple of the lifts which I was very happy with. I'm going to give myself a B- and +3 Sta for this goal.

2. Get outside and take the dog for a walk at least once a week - don't want her to feel jealous at yet more changes in her house and she does love her walks which I don't do for her often enough. Stamina +3

I actually did this, though I feel I could have done more, so I'll say B- and +1 Sta here.

3. Setup the power rack - I'm very keen to be able to squat / bench press and do pull ups again, and it's a good job to do while mum & (first) little one are having a mid day rest on the weekend. Constitution +2

Nailed this too and boy is it nice to have the gym feeling properly setup and useable. Only downside was that I was listening to my Aussie Rules Football team (Essendon) play on the afternoon I did this and we got thoroughly thrashed! A! Con +2

Level up Life goal:

Keep mum (to be) happy - I'm trying to think of a quantifiable aspect to this, but basically: a) Help out around the house more without grumbling and making it seem like a chore, B) keep Bethany (our first) occupied when I'm home so mummy can rest (ie, get off the computer daddy!) and c) don't tell Krista off for anything (I know it sounds like a horrible thing to do, but when Bethany was sick and none of us were sleeping well, it doesn't take much to snap at each other - not seriously but I felt terrible for doing it, and I can be firm about how I like things done even when I shouldn't need to be). Also obviously she is going to need a lot of support once new bub arrives and I WILL deliver (the support, not the baby - I'm not doing that, not with how much we're paying the obstetrician! ) Charisma +5

Not too bad with this, I've hardly been on the computer at all lately, and I've been a good daddy and getting up in the middle of the night and everything! I'll say B and +4 Cha.

The guild challenges:

Challenge 1: distance scouting: Did well this week - 20km = +1 sta

Challenge 2: planking: did 15mins for that week = +1 str

Challenge 4: fighting the snooze button: did all my workouts and a bit that week = +1 sta

I did miss the other challenges, and I must admit I came back to the forum today to have a look at this week's challenge.... and found that the challenge was over and I'd not been paying attention LOL!

My stats then are:

Strength (STR) - (8 +1): 9

Dexterity (DEX) - 6

Stamina (STA) - (4 + 6): 10

Constitution (CON) - (4+2): 6

Wisdom (WIS) - 3

Charisma (CHA) - (2+4): 6

Hope you all did well too!



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Challenge Summary

Well, in typical fashion I started out strong and faltered somewhat at the end of the 6 weeks. I've shown my progress in the chart below, to give grades I averaged the letter grade given per week, then used the total number of workouts as a modifier if needed (i.e. - my running was A/B until I factored in the extra runs I did in weeks 4 & 6).


4 runs or rides a week - A -This goal went pretty well, it was certainly easier to pursue than others but I've found that without a training plan of some sort my runs fall off the table pretty easily. TI was included in my challenge out of necessity rather than to "push the envelope".

2 workouts a week - C - Now this was a "push the envelope" element for the 6 weeks. Previously, I'd do a bodyweight workout here and there, but nothing much consistently. Also, I wasn't doing much weight work or heavier lifting which I knew I should be trying. Things were great for the first 2 weeks but, fell off after that. The upside is I'm (slowly) developing a habit of doing a workout once a week now, I find I can fit it into my schedule with little hassle and still get the benefits of the added work. Now it's time to ingrain that second workout as well.

Warmup/Cool Down - C - This one was frustrating mainly because I have run with so many other people over the past month. With trying to fit runs into other people's schedules it was difficult to keep these in mind. I definitely felt the benefit of them, especially in my hamstrings/lower back

Clearing credit card debt - A - Completed! I managed to scrape together enough cash to pay off my CC just after week #3. You'll notice that there's a B in Week #6, this is because since that time I've made some additional purchases/payments (car repairs). The card isn't at zero anymore, but it's very low and manageable now which removes the unneeded stress that comes with major debt.

Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 AVG/TOTAL

Runs(4) 3 4 3 5 3 5 23 of 24

Grade B A B A B A A/B

Wrkt(2) 2 2 0 1 1 1 7 of 12

Grade A A F C C C C

WU/CD 6 8 6 3 1 5 29 of 48

Grade A A A D F C C


Grade A A A NA NA B A



4 runs or rides a week A - (+4 Sta) -> +4 Sta +1 STA - Mini-Challenge #1 +1 STA - Mini-Challenge #4

2 workouts a week C - (+4 Str) -> +2 Str +1 STR - Mini-Challenge #2

Warmup/Cool Down C - (+3 Con) -> + 1.5 Con

Clearing credit card debt A -(+3 Wis) -> + 3 Wis +1 WIS - Mini-Challenge #5




Strength (STR): 7

Dexterity (DEX): 5

Stamina (STA): 6

Constitution (CON): 2

Wisdom (WIS): 4

Charisma (CHA): 4

Total: 28



Strength (STR): 10

Dexterity (DEX): 5

Stamina (STA): 12

Constitution (CON): 3.5

Wisdom (WIS): 8

Charisma (CHA): 4

Total: 42.5

...so....what's next?....

Scout: STR: 20.5 | DEX: 13 | STA: 28 | CON: 13.5 | WIS: 8 | CHA: 4

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