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rangers...adventureres...assassins...OH MY!

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The class or guild are the same thing, and when deciding what one you, it depends on your goals and interest, but don't let that limit what class or guild you spend time in, as the 6 week challenges, the last one just finished/ending tomorrow depending on time zone, so in arothher week or two another one will start

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pick your class on what you like to do / how you want to train. the basic breakdown is:

adventurer: just starting out, light work looking for new directions.

ranger: multi-class, multi disciplines. mixes a lot of different styles. cross fitters.

scout: cardio focus. running, biking, swimming.

monk: martial arts.

assassin: body weight training and parkour.

warrior: weight lifting.

druid: yoga, tai chi, meditation.

once you pick your class, go post a thread in that class' guild to introduce yourself and your goals.


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all of your answers will be posted in the next few days! please stand by :)

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depends on your goals, right now I'm at the end of my racing season/schedule so where the last two challenges have been with the Scouts I think this go around I'll be doing more Assassin work as off season strength training

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