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Lack of appetite bad for Paleo?


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I'm just curious - I consistently miss meals. Not because I choose to, but generally I'm just not hungry or forget to eat. Would this be a negative when switching to Paleo? I've read that eating like this could be considered IF, but it's not like it's something I'm doing consciously (in fact, my partner gets miffed at me when I "skip" meals). I usually end up eating maybe once or twice a day, with one or two snacks in between.

Any ideas? Thank you in advance.

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I don't know that it'd be a "problem" if you're otherwise getting in all the nutrition you need in the meals/snacks you do eat. I tend to forget meals during the workday because I am busy at my desk...this is not a problem for me EXCEPT this: if I let myself get too hungry, mad cravings hit and my brain turns into an LSD trip of carby, sugary images. It's really not fun fighting cravings at that point. I like to avoid getting that hungry. :) A near-perfect day for me is a sizeable breakfast, a midday break with fruit/nuts/glass of local whole milk (I'm primal), and a decent-sized dinner later on. I hit my macros, get a wide range of veggies/fruits (I eat veggies fruits with every full meal I eat), plus my protein and fats.

I'd say if you're not hungry when you miss meals, and you're getting in enough nutrition, don't worry about it. maybe log what you eat for awhile, and follow how your body feels...one of the big things with paleo/primal is eating when you're hungry, not necessarily when society tells you it's "meal time." :)

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Perhaps, well I don't understand it, but primals seem to have a different blood-sugar response. I think their body is learning to burn fat, and therefore easily draws on reserves if they wander away from a food source?

I assume you've been to Mark's Daily Apple ? Lots of articles, and he's probably touched on the issue a few times.

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It really depends on your level of exercise. You said you read Mark's Daily Apple(which is an awesome source btw), if you look up some posts on a 'day in the life' of Mark, you will find he does the same thing...eats when hungry, and doesn't eat when he is not.

And what I mean by your level of exercise is this. If you are training HARD with lots of weight, or chronic cardio, or very intense workouts every day, you will need to eat more, and make sure you are getting enough calories. So I would suggest not skipping many meals if this is how you like to exercise.

But, if you are not training hard, and doing the typical MDA primal exercise of, lift heavy things once in awhile, sprint once in awhile, move slowly, etc and you are not training really hard, then missing meals because you are not hungry is not going to hurt you at all.

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I fast every day from noon until 6am after my morning workout. It does a couple of things for me.

1) It ensures that I eat after my workout, which is something that is supposed to be beneficial for post workout recovery.

2) I am on a set schedule of when I CAN eat due to work locale. 6am is breakfast, 1130 is lunch.

3) With a 6 hour eating window, I tend to eat 2 larger meals (800ish calories putting me at 1600 calories which is 250 cals under my BMR of 1850) and I find myself that I don't want to snack inbetween my two meals.

4) With the two larger meals, I find I don't have to really count calories as I am generally pretty full at the end of each meal.

5) I get to eat breakfast of eggs and bacon. Tis by far the best of the 4 meals offered out here.

People have asked if I am starving myself or if I get ravenous. I actually don't have any problem feeling overly hungry between noon and 6 am (besides it is generally mind hungry verses body hungry).

So the short is that perhaps by structuring your eating habbits around an IF schedule will train your body to be hungry at certains times (like 6am and 1130am for me) so that you aren't skipping meals.

Just my 2 cp's worth.


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People have asked if I am starving myself or if I get ravenous. I actually don't have any problem feeling overly hungry between noon and 6 am (besides it is generally mind hungry verses body hungry).

Same here.. i'm skipping breakfast and lunch but eat a large supper after working out. I'm feeling well, and even if i'm feeling slight hunger now and then it just does not matter as i'm thinking about how good it will feel to just not eat right now but eat really good und much after working out :)

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I don't eat breakfast, but I eat lunch and dinner (My eating window is between 12pm-8pm), it seems to work well for me, and I never really feel hungry in the morning. I usually run in the late afternoon, then come home, and eat supper after. The exception to that is my weekend run which I do in the am (get home in time for lunch, and have that post workout).

2 meals a day just work better for me.

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