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Challenge Is Over! Assassins Report!


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The challenge is OVER!

it's time to report in for the challenge. Post your summary of your challenge here, grading yourselves on each of your goals on a A to F scale (see below). Then give yourselves an overall grade for the challenge. Here is the reporting thread for the last challenge if you would like to see examples.

You have until Sunday night to post your wrap up to be considered for the win. After that the guild mods will confer and pick 3 nominees for this challenge's warrior champion and we'll post a thread for you guys to vote for the champion. Spezzy and Steve then choose an overall winner from the guild champions, who wins a t-shirt or tank top. Other guild winners get NF stickers.

Grading Yourself and Awarding Attribute Points

At the end of the challenge, give yourself a grade on how you did achieving your goals. Then, based on how you did, award points. Partial points are allowed.

A - 100% B - 75% C - 50% D - 25% F - 0%

So using our goal examples from above, lets grade ourselves.

[TABLE=class: cms_table]


Attributes Assigned


Attributes Awarded

Run 5k without stopping

Stamina, 5

B (made it 4k)

Stamina, 3.75 points (5*.75)

Squat 250lbs 5 times

Stamina, 2

Strength, 3

C (Squatted 250 3 times)

Stamina, 1pt (2*.5)

Strength, 1.5pts (3*.5)

Cut out soda

Constitution, 3


Constitution, 3 (3*1)

Pay $1,000 towards debt

Wisdom, 2

D (paid $250)

Wisdom, .5 (2*.25)


For a total of 9.75 points

To help with the math, here is a chart:


Prize pictures with a very dashing model if I say so myself (can also be found here):



(PS Yes I completely ripped off this post from Corey D. Thanks! :))

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1. Bodyweight Workout minimum 3x weekly (Up for grabs: +3 STR, +1 WIS)

Result 88 percent B

2. Improve Flexibility (Up for grabs: +2 DEX, +2 STR)

Result Average C

3. Stomp it off (Up for grabs: +3 STA, +2 DEX)

Result Accomplished! A

4. Get off that dang computer! (Up for grabs +2 WIS)

This kind of fell apart the last two weeks, too. It was pretty good at for the first four weeks, so I'm going to call it Average C

The full tally is here.

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Goal 1 - Do 5 pull-ups (Reward - +2 Str, +2 Sta)

Grade C - 2 pull-ups - Reward: +1 Str, +1 Sta

Goal 2 - 30 second kick-up handstand (Reward - +2 Str, +1 Sta, +1 Dex_

Grade D - Kick up 5 or wall 10 (did both) - Reward: +.5 Str, +.25 Sta, +.25 Dex

Goal 3 - Yoga EVERY DAY (Reward - +3 Dex, +1 Wis)

Grade C - 2 misses - Reward: +1.5 Dex, +.5 Wis [technically it's only one definable miss, but I spent so long on my travel to Japan without doing any yoga, it was almost a day]

Goal 4 - 30 minutes of Japanese EVERY DAY (Reward - +2 Cha, +1 Wis)

Grade F - 4+ Misses - NO REWARD FOR YOU

My Japanese studying stopped once I actually got to Japan. Don't get me wrong, I've been studying, but I didn't prepare my study materials properly. That was a mistake. I am attempting to amend it. I recognize my failure, and I learn.

All in all, part of my problem with this Challenge was poor goal-setting. Here is what I learned.

1. Handstands are HARD. Even if I had started my training properly (proper core muscle focus), it is doubtful that I could have done much better. I should have researched it better. But I am still going to work on it as I continue my personal development.

2. Pledging to do something every day has been good for me (I think yoga is becoming a permanent part of my life), but falling behind on that is much more discouraging, because there is no catching up. To that point, I will make goals that require a summation of daily work, and can possibly encourage me to catch up when I miss a day of my attack plan.

3. I am so happy when I am improving myself. Though I am still a long way off from my ideal (as if I could ever reach a point where I'll say "good enough"), I can see and feel a difference in my body. I can feel my muscles beneath my frame even when I am only moving gently. I can flex now in ways I once thought I was simply not the sort of person to be capable of. I didn't get a single decent score in my challenge, but I am still a more fit person than I was six weeks ago. And I know that six weeks from now will be even better.

In the face of failure, I have no greater wish than to redouble my efforts.

Two months ago, I could not balance a frog stand (crow pose) for even a second. Now I can do it over half a minute CONSISTENTLY. Two months ago, I could not even hold myself in the top of a pull-up position. Now I can do two pull-ups. Two months ago, I was busy wrenching myself into and out of half-lotus pose. Now I can reach full lotus and get out without my hands. And I'll only get better.

I'll put up some pics in my personal challenge thread soon: http://www.nerdfitness.com/community/showthread.php?15903-RBW-s-First-Challenge

Level 4 AssassinStr 8.50, Dex 7.25, Sta 6.75Con 6.00, Wis 8.00, Cha 6.00

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The Final Round-Up

Alright, here are my goals and totals for this 6 Week Challenge:

Fitness Goal #1, Retooled: Run two minutes straight without stopping at least once.

Result: As of Friday, I did this! Goal achieved! +3 STA, +1 STR

Grade: A

Fitness Goal #2: Weigh-in at 145 lbs at least once.

Result: As of today, I weigh 141.5 lbs, for a total increase of 2.6 lbs, out of a possible 6.1 lbs. +1 STR, +1 CON

Grade: D

Fitness Goal #3: Do 25 pushups without stopping at least once.

Result: As of today, I was able to do 20 pushups out of a possible 25. +2.5 STR, +.5 STA

Grade: B

Life Goal, Retooled: Take 500 pictures over the span of this Challenge

Result: I took a total of 246 pictures out of a possible 500. +1 CHA, +.5 WIS

Grade: C

All in all, this 6 Week Challenge was a huge success. Even after taking a week off because of grad school and being sick for a week and a half, I was able to nearly accomplish many of my goals. And regardless of the fact that I didn't meet them exactly, I'm further along than I was 6 weeks ago, which is truly the point of it all. I'm stoked about this and can't wait for the next Challenge!

Thanks to all who encouraged me along the way - this was a positive experience and one I'll most definitely repeat in the near future.

My Full Challenge Log

independent739Level 2 Elven AssassinSTR: 6.5 CON: 3DEX: 4 WIS: 5.5STA: 4.5 CHA: 5My Most Recent ChallengeMy blog: Life Before the Bucket

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Despite dropping off the face of the earth the last half, I actually stuck with most of my goals and finished off better than I would have expected (thankfully, one of my goals was NOT staying active on the forums!).

[table=width: 500, class: grid]


Att Assigned


Att Awarded

6 wkouts / week (36 total)

STR +2 / CHA +2


STR +1.5 / CHA +1/5

Track food

CON +2 / WIS +2


CON +1.5 / WIS +1.5

Jog 5k / <9 min mile

STA +2 / DEX +2


STA +0.5 / DEX +0.5

Complete 4 To-Do List Items

WIS +3


WIS +2.25


1) Rocked the workouts--got most of them in AND really pushed myself while doing them (my last Chest & Back workout involved over 180 push-ups (30+ ea of regular, military, wide, decline, diamond, and dive bomber) & over 30 pull-ups (10 ea of wide, reverse grip, and close-grip overhand) done while wearing a 20-lb weighted vest! Really happy with the progress on this goal.

2) While I did a decent job of tracking food, I need to actually take that tracking to the next level and use it to better structure my diet. Writing down that I ate crap doesn't help. ;) Looking to better craft this goal in future challenges.

3) If there's a goal that fell by the wayside this challenge, it was my running goal. Life got crazy the last three weeks, so something had to go. Fortunately I was able to eke something out near the end and get my mile in under 10 minutes, but that's small consolation given where I wanted to be.

4) Three of the four done! I hadn't planned on the fact that my wife would be out of town the last week of the challenge, making it nearly impossible for me to get ANYTHING done between playing full-time dad, mom, coach, cab driver, etc. Still thrilled to get as much done as I did, especially given how long some of those tasks have been lingering on my list.

All in all, I'm ok with this challenge. I kept up most of my goals even in the face of some very LONG and difficult days. More excited about my future potential than in what I accomplished (or didn't).

drsloomis: level 5 human assassin

STR: 15 | DEX: 17 | CON: 12 | STA: 12 | WIS: 14 | CHA: 8

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Challenge Wrap-Up:

1) Do 20 Pullups in a Single Set

Did a single set of 18 on 9/11, grade B

Points Awarded: (STR +0.75, STA +1.5, CON +0.75)

- This was a very aggressive goal, basically doubling my pullup numbers in a 6 week period. I went the strengthening route instead of endurance route for gowing my numbers, by doing them weighted. Missed my ultimate goal, but I'm happy with what I accomplished. From here though I think switching gears to a more endurance based progression scheme would lead to greater efficiency in max rep gains.

2) Do a Single Set of 5 One Arm Pushups per Arm

I was able to do the required number of reps of the style that I wanted for the challenge (last done 9/11), but was unable to refine the form as required, grade C

Points Awarded: (STR +1, DEX +0.5, CHA +0.5)

- This was more of a failure of goal setting than a failure of progress. I underestimated just how hard it is to get the twist and rotation out of a one arm pushup. I can do them, but total mastery of the one arm pushup is still a long ways off.

3) Do 5 Plyo Pistol Squats Per Leg onto a 19" chair

Completed on 9/10, with video posted, grade A

Points Awarded: (DEX +2, CON +1, CHA +1)

- Not much to be said, I kicked butt at this goal.

4) No surfing the net during the first hour of every workday.

I don't have a great tally of the misses, but I did OK at this. Grade C

Points Awarded: (WIS +1.5)

- Coulda tried harder, but having this goal helped for sure.

Overall a pretty good challenge despite having a preplanned break in the middle. The whole challenge I maintained status quo on the diet front, trying to gain at 0.5-1 lb/wk.

Progress photos, measurement changes, and a video of the plyo pistols can be found in my challenge thread

currently cutting

battle log challenges: 19,18,17,16,15,14,13,12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1

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[TABLE=width: 624]


Attributes Assigned


Attributes Awarded

4 days/wk Kettlebell



2 STA, 0.75 STR

2 sets 5 push ups




Whole Foods




Bible Reading





1. Doing the kettlebell for 10 minutes, 4 days per week. For the first four weeks I did this [in fact, two of the weeks I did 5 days instead of 4] but in the last two weeks I was traveling. I only did 3 days in week 5. In week six I was visiting a friend with a gym in her apartment building, so I did all the motions with an equally-weighted dumbbell 4 days in the week, but I’m not counting that as a kettlebell workout.

2. Push ups [RETOOLED] 2 sets of 5 full push ups.

SUCCESS! Very happy about this one. I can actually do three sets of 6 full push ups now. My form is nice and stiff, I just need to work on getting me feet closer together. Next challenge.

3. Whole foods: no grains, artificial sugars or flavors, or real added sugars.

I had a rice crust piece of pizza somewhere in the middle of the challenge [and PAID for it] and had a sip of coconut milk with a preservative [i discovered the preservative later. I broke out in a rash actually, bad reaction to like a ¼ of a mouthful. NASTY STUFF.] But on the whole I cut out so many of my staple foods and stuck to my diet with a strictness i’ve never had before. Added plus of discovering so many new foods I like and learning to cook some stuff without causing fires.

4. read the bible every day. I allowed myself 7 missed days and I only missed one, in the very first week. I call this an A. Especially because it’s now a habit and I don’t feel like i’m ever going to miss it again, at least due to laziness or forgetfulness.

I feel like on the whole, the challenge was a solid B+. I feel like I could have made a little more progress than I did but I made some major life changes that will be a part of me forever.

Baby steps, Bob.

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Pull Up Goal: Do 12 Pulls Ups. Pre-challenge FBW max was 9.5. Max is 10.5 as of last night's test, so 40% D+ there (?). No strength points awarded here. 10 FBW Pulls have been a goal for a long time now, with the reward of purchasing an NF T-shirt once I hit the 10. Hit that about two weeks ago and ordered my shirt last friday! Woot!

Family Fitness Goal: Do 4 fun fitness oriented activities. Minimum THREE to count for challenge. 75% completed, C

3 out of 4 total points awarded. +1 Charisma +2 Wisdom (stats before change are Wis: 4.5 & CHA: 4)

Food Goal: Make positive lunch and 'treat' choices, grade B minimum. Total numbers: 70/84 = 83.33 % B +1.5 Constitution to be awarded. (CON before points awarded: 4)

Weight Goal: Maintain or drop below 179.6lbs. Final Weight: 176.8 - 2.8lbs Dropped BAM! A +1 Con & +1 Char to be awarded

Life Goal: Customer calls & Epic studying to qualify for company quiz challenge in Chicago. Grade: B My team made the cut from the two tests, we are going to CHI-town! +1.50 Char to be awarded

Overall Grade: 75.6% C+

Forgot to post the latest progress pics I took on Friday. Will be available hopefully tonight in the link below.

Also forgot that I have named an exercise rep. Start with 10sec Dead Hang, Pull Up (no kipping or momentum), Flex Hang for 10sec and then do a negative: 1 rep. I call it: "The Time Lord" - the point is to work the entire movement and range of motion, putting time emphasis on the bottom and top holds, increasing time in each as you get better: 10 sec to 15 to 20 to 25, etc.

>>evening edit<< pics available.

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Lukewarm showing from me this time:

Fitness 1: Break out of the box - Tried two new classes at the gym, took a weekend bow-hunting class, moved my chin-up bar from the closet door to a bathroom door and got into the habit of using it. Result: Success! +1 Dex, +3 STR

Fitness 2: Use the free stuff (gym): Not the best of efforts. Result: 40%, so - Fail!

Food 1: Waste less: I feel that I threw out less, but I honestly forgot to really measure it, so I'll call it a pass but nothing more. 55%

Life 1: Use the free stuff 2 (corporate training): Successful for the first half, semi-successful for the second, so I'll call it 75%. +1 WIS, +1 CHA

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Challenge -

1) 10k(6 miles) Run for 5 endurance - COMPLETE(A)- I blasted past this one and I'm up to 7 miles barefoot. I'll give myself the full 5 stamina for that one

2) become adept at the Parkour Roll for 3 agility ( you must learn to land before you learn to fly) - MOSTLY COMPLETE(B) - Didn't practice as much as I should, felt I progressed but not as much as I could.. I'll give myself 2 dex

3) 5 good form handstand push ups for 3 st 2 agil ( strength, balance, will save your life) - MOSTLY COMPLETE(B) - I feel I did very well on this challenge in becoming adept at supported handstands( and even 3 second unsupported ones).. I was able to do 5 push ups but I'm gonna kill a strength point because they were only about 80-90% down push ups and not full parallel. So 2 st 2 dex

4) (life) meditate twice a day instead of once in the morning for 2 wis. ( Free the mind of impediments) - MOSTLY COMPLETE© - I started out well with this.. fell off the bandwagon in the middle, and ended well. As a long term meditator I should know it never pays to "force" meditation.. I'm gonna give myself 1 wis for this challenge.

The little Assassin that could levels up to rank 2 following the Assassin's Creed ranking structure from this link - http://assassinscreed.wikia.com/wiki/Ranks I am now an "Initiate" at rank 2! woot.

anyways for my first challenge I think I did good. I LOVE the concept of this and had a lot of fun going through it. You can count me in for many more challenges to come.. I want that rank 10 so I can have the rank of Assassin :P.. by then I hope to be a parkour badass hehe.

Assassin: Rank: 6 (Disciple) STR: 10 DEX: 20 STA: 7 CON: 6 WIS: 6 CHA: 5
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I didn't fully accomplish most of my goals, but I feel badass and accomplished anyway. Recap:

Goal #1 - Do 25 consecutive push ups. Grade: .C Reason: Realized half way through challenge my form was crap and had to back track a lot. But I'm better off for it! Points earned: STR: 1.5 CHA: 0.5

Goal #2 - Do 1 Pull Up. Grade: D. Still can't do one, but I bought a pull up bar and I am close. Another few weeks of adding negative pull ups to my workouts and I'm confident I'll get there. Points earned: STR: 0.25 CHA: 0.25 STA: 0.25

Goal #3 - Stick to strict Paleo, almost no sugar. Grade: A. I pulled this one off almost perfectly, with two off days. Points earned: CON: 3 WIS: 3

Goal #4 - Contact 4 agencies. Grade: C. I overestimated my preparedness, so I took several necessary steps (reaching out to people for footage so I can put together my reel) that need to be completed before I reach out for representation. Points earned: WIS: 0.5 CHA: 0.5

Point total: 9.75

Further assessment of my progress at my challenge thread. The most amazing part of this challenge is that virtually overnight I went from someone who worked out maybe three times a month to someone absolutely disciplined about not missing a workout. I did not miss a single one; and while that wasn't one of my goals setting out, it is what I am most proud of. I can't wait for the next challenge!

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Here is the summary! Originally posted in my challenge thread.

Overall: 14/15 Points Awarded = 93% = A

Strength - A

Increase Max Pullups to 16 (Originally barely 13)

100% +2 Str - 16 Cumulative: +4 Str

66.7% +1 Str - 15

33.3% +1 Str -14

I tried to set a realistic goal, and I think I succeeded in that. While I didn't manage to work out quite as often as I hoped (about 90% I think) I tried to do pullups 3x a week. I first tested my max last Friday and passed. Today I tried again, to make sure it was a "real" gain and again was able to do the 16. Woohoo!

Climb the Mountain - A

Climb Mt. Adams in Washington

100% +1 Dex - 12,276' (Summit) Cumulative: +2 Dex, +2 Sta

75% +1 Sta - 10,601'

50% +1 Dex - 8,926'

25% +1 Sta - 7,251'

Climbed to the top! This was a lot of fun and something I want to try to do more of. A couple weekends ago I climbed another mountain (a lot smaller) with my parents, siblings, and wife. It was great to get out and see some of the world as a "family outing"

Stay Out of the Tavern - C

Alcohol Limit - 6 per week

+3 Con, +0.5 / successful week

67% success - +2 Con

I actually did pretty well with this, overall. One enjoyable weekend camping at a music festival interrupted my plans, but other than that I stuck to the goal very well. I am still only giving myself the 4/6 weeks that I followed "the rules" though.

Keep up on Blacksmith Work - A

Finish the Ceiling Project. +2 Wis, +2 Dex

No partial credit

This is done, as is wall patching - wall texturing - wall painting - new outlets - new trim and a few other odds and ends. This weekend my lovely wife and I will be tearing out the (mis-matched) old flooring and finally installing new stuff. We may have a couch to relax on by the next challenge! She really is a very patient person. :)

Level 14 Elven Blacksmith

current challenge - yearlong quest

14 13 12 11 10 9.1 9.0 8 7 6 5 4,2 4.1 4.0 3 2 1

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Well, this challenge is at an end. I really wanted this to be the one where everything *clicked* but (sickness the first two weeks aside) I really lost focus as the weeks went on and let things distract me and throw me off my game. No excuses. I will do better next round.

Training Goal: Workout Every Other Day (Changed to 4 Days per Week)

C - 75% Workouts Completed: +1 STR, +1 DEX, +1 STA

Nutrition Goal: 1700-1900 Calories and at least 90 g Protein

C - 78% Daily Macros Met: +1 CON, +1 WIS, +1 CHA

Life Goal: Limit Unnecessary Spending

D - 3 Weeks Without Spending: +0.5 WIS, +0.5 CHA

C-C-C-COMBO: Keep the Momentum Going

B - 80% Momentum Kept: +0.50 CON

A nice solid "C" all the way around, which is fitting, as that's pretty much how I felt all challenge long. Except for some bright spots along the way (full pistol squats and one-arm pushups come to mind!) this entire challenge can be summed up with one word: meh. Just... meh.


Level X Mutant

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Lots of fail this challenge:

Fitness goal#1: Work on my horizontal pulls with inverted rows, at the end of the challenge I want to be able to do 3*5 rep, bonus points if it's with the feet elevated.

[sTR+2 STA+3]

I couldn't really work on this goal. The 10vs1 killed my arms at first, so I wanted to work on them for the last weeks but, the only bar I can use is the smith machine at the gym, and unfortunately it was often used even at 6 in the morning. I did a 3*5 set but the bar was still too high for it to really count. So I will only grade myself D

Fitness goal#2: Pistol squats *5. I know it's a lot but I really need to work my legs much more. My first challenge made me focus mostly on my arms, that needs to change.

[sTR+3 STA+2]

Yeah, right/ Before starting to run, I should learn how to walk. I can't even squat correctly and I want to do some pistol squat? BIg mistake, but I have learned of it. Grade F

Fitness goal#3: Back and shoulder mobility. I have some back and posture problems for years, I had some improvement with the previous challenge but it's still not enough. I really want to be able to get up from my bed pain-free one day. I will need to find some exercises (ask help to the monk maybe) and do them at least 4 times a week.


I discovered that I love the cat/cow pose in the morning. And that theses exercises are a good complement when doing push-ups. I'm far from being pain free unfortunately and I need to do back exercises much more. Anyway, technically I did some exercises 4 times a week even if I feel that I didn't do enough. So, Grade B.

Life goal:My goal will be to reduce as much as possible the household waste. Papers, plastic bag, food, clothes.. Everything that will be thrown away will be noted and I will have to try to find a way to avoid them and then put that idea in practice. If unavoidable, find a way to re-use them, if not possible I have to recycle them.

[WIS +2]

This one was very interesting. Changing my shopping habits, trying to find a way to reduce the waste. It worked in many way. I have my own boxes and many places to fill them with cottage cheese, heavy cream, nuts, dry fruits, eggs. I now refuse all the plastics and papers bags even if it's a real war all the time. I even refused to take the box for my new shoes. Now, the only things lefts are:

- wrapping paper for cheese and meat. Really bothering because even if I don't take them home, they are still used in the shop.

- Bio waste.

- Olive oil/ vinegar bottles

I feel like I can do better but for 6 weeks, I think I did pretty good. Grade A

[table=width: 500, class: grid]





3*5 inverted row



STR +0.5 STA +0.75

Pistol squats



STR +0 STA +0

Back and shoulder mobility

DEX +3


DEX 2.25

Waste less!

WIS +2


WIS +2


New Stats after this challenge: STR 4.5 | DEX 7.25 | STA 6.75 | CON 2 | WIS 9 | CHA 5

So yeah. I did pretty meh this challenge. I can't say I'm really proud of myself because I feel like I gave up on most on my fitness goals. But I have learned from my mistakes hopefully. I think I did way better on the weekly challenge:

Challenge 1 - Regroup: Had a lot of fun with this one and I sure walked a lot and saw a lot of things. Grade A: +1 DEX and +1 WIS

Challenge 2 - Relocate: Done too. I moved stuffed all around my apartment and carried my BF on my back for a few steps. +1 STR and +1 STA

Challenge 3 - Retool: I should have done better with this one. My challenge goals were still unrealistic but I was too proud to admit it. So I won't award myself any points even if I did the challenge.

Challenge 4 - MINI BOSS - Sloth : I want to get better at playing violin, but procrastination (Sloth other name) is always preventing me from training. So I fought it with all my might for one week. My violin teacher noticed the difference: +1 WIS and +1 STA

Challenge 5: MINI-BOSS - General Fogg: Not much inspiration for this one. So I decided to track food to understand why my BF lost a lot of weight while I stayed exactly the same. It was interesting to do. +1 WIS and +1 CHA

Challenge 6: FINAL BOSS - The Bishop Confudus: I try to do that all the time even if it's not for a challenge anyway :) +1 WIS, +1 DEX, and +1 CHA

Final stat:

STR 5.5 | DEX 9.25 | STA 8.75 | CON 2 | WIS 13 | CHA 7

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Second journey: Crawling back


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Only have junk (candy, soda, ice cream, ect.) 1 time a week CON+3

Do 5 push ups and 1 pull up (can only do 1) STR+3

Work out 3 times a week STR+3 STA+2

study Japanese for 30 mins a day (my major) with one day rest a week WIS+4

Total: Japanese 32/36 B wis+3

Junk food 1 or 0 times a week A 100% con +3

Pushups 5, pull ups still 0 B str +2

Work outs 12/18 B str+2 sta+1 ½

I think this is how it works? Let me know if you see any mistakes pls :) this is my first challenge

Challenge: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/24724-rain13-hell-yea-im-back/#entry419693


level: 2Race: Elf | Class: Druid/Assassin | Height: 5'8 | Weight: 135lbsStrength: 7 | Dexterity: 4 | Stamina: 4 1/2 | Constitution: 6 | Wisdom: 7 | Charisma: 4

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Copied from challenge thread:

STR: 6 + 2 = 8

DEX: 2.75 + 1.5 = 4.25

STA: 7 + 2 = 9

CON: 5.75 + 1.5 = 7.25

WIS: 6 + .5 = 6.5

CHA: 4 + .5 = 4.5


1) Master the basics of bodyweight training: 1 complete, dead-hang pullup, unassisted 20-second headstand, 10-second wall handstand, 10-second elbow lever, 10-second advanced frog stand and 15-second tuck L-sit. (+4 STR) (+2 DEX) (+4 STA)

Almost at a complete chinup, 10-second headstand, no progress on handstands whatsoever, 5-8 second elbow lever, 5-second advanced frog, and barely 1 second on the L-sits. Grade: C - 50% (+2 STR) (+1 DEX) (+2 STA)

2) Improve yoga: heels on the floor in Downward Dog, become more comfortable/flexible in Lotus and putting weight on half-raised hands, touch feet to head unassisted--ideally in a Scorpion. (+1 DEX)

Have been doing more half-hand/fingertip poses, but no progress elsewhere except getting pretty close to feet-to-head. Grade: C - 50% (+.5 DEX)

3) Support training with Leangains IF: no cheating myself out of hitting macros, so deviating from paleo is acceptable under the circumstances where not doing so would prove counterproductive to recovery. Also max out protein and green veggies on rest days, at least 150g if not closer to 180g protein. (+2 CON)

Banged the hell out of this one with only a few days under or over on calories. Grade: B - 75% (+1.5 CON)

4) Finish typing up field notes and transcribing interviews before the semester starts, and study 3x a week for the GRE. (+1 WIS) (+1 CHA)

Notes finished, interviews 50% transcribed (the short, 1-3 minute ones are done, but the long, 20+ minute ones are untouched), studied 3 times total for the GRE. Grade: C - 50% (+.5 WIS) (+.5 CHA)

Train hard. Drink tea.

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Do 5 pullups, +2 Strength +2 Stamina ACCOMPLISHED!

Do 2 sets of 20 pushups, +2 Strength +3 Stamina ACCOMPLISHED!

Do 3 sets of 20 Arnold presses with 20 lbs, +2 Strength +2 Stamina ACCOMPLISHED!


Read 5 hours of fiction per week, +2 Wisdom

If I were to read 5 hours of fiction per week, then that would come out to 30 total hours throughout the challenge. I timed myself every time I sat down to read a book or a graphic novel during the past six weeks, and I clocked 11 hours total. That is slightly over 25%, so I give myself a D for this goal.

Here are my post-challenge totals...

STR 2 + 6 = 8


STA 1 + 7 = 8


WIS 3 + .5 = 3.5


Thank you, Assassin brethren, for your support!

Hans BraggartSideshow Freak AssassinSTR 8 | DEX 3 | STA 8 | CON 3 | WIS 3.5 | CHA 3You should check out my press kit here - http://goo.gl/1PA5W

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Beginning Stats

STR: 2

DEX: 2

STA: 2

CON: 3

WIS: 3

CHA: 3


1. Eat 14 Paleo (dairy allowed) meals a week (assuming 21 meals a week, but the number still stands). 1 CHA, 2 CON

74 out of 84 meals – B+ - .88 CHA, 1.76 CON

2. Complete 20 mins of interval running twice per week. 1 DEX, 2 STA

Not successful – F - 0 DEX, 0 STA

3. Be able to do five push ups on the floor (I currently do them on the seat of my couch, without the cushion (about 15 or so inches from the floor) 3 STR, 1 STA

Successful (actually got 6 one set)- A – 3 STR, 1 STA

4. Commit 30 minutes a night to reading or studying (once school starts next week). 5 WIS

Mostly Successful – A- – 4 WIS

Completed Relocate (1 STR, 1 STA), Retool (1 WIS, 1 CHA), General Fogg (1 WIS, 1 CHA) mini-challenges.

New Stats:

STR: 6

Dex: 2

Sta: 3

CON: 4.76

WIS: 9

CHA: 5.88

Overall, not a terrible challenge. Obviously, with the failure of goal 2, I need to do a better job of making goals/carrying them out. But, still, I'm pretty proud that I actually carried this out for the whole 6 weeks. Next challenge will be even better. :)

Halis: level 2 human assassinSTR 10|DEX 2.5|STA 3.5|CON 6.5|WIS 12|CHA 7.63

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Goal #1

SHoD 4 days a week + 16 miles of walking a week

Week 1 Accomplished grade= A

Week 2 Accomplished grade = A

Week 3 Accomplished grade= A

Week 4 SHoD accomplished; walking only 14 miles grade = B

Week 5 Accomplished grade = A

Week 6 SHoD only 2 days;However walking was about 45 miles!] A-

Overall A-

Points possible 4; points awarded 3.5 ; 2.5 Stamina, 1 Strength

Goal #2

Crow; Goal was to do this 30 seconds, which I didn't make. However on the mini challenge goal reflection I changed it to 15 seconds;so Accomplished grade = A

Full points awarded Dex 2 ; 1 Strength

Goal #3

TGU's 10 bodyweight each side

goal accomplished grade= A

Life goal

Finish book and create a new to me Paleo food

Book done, Paleo food dropped, poor wisdom on my part having a cooking goal in summer grade=C

Points possible 4, points awarded 2 Wisdom .5 CHA 1.5

OVERALL GOAL B+ , I'm pretty happy with this, considering I had a cold one week and we were on vacation another.


Ok, these weren't really goals. But they happened as a result of my goals so I wanted to share


Went on Bizzarro Rollercoaster with my son. It goes 210ft high!, I never would have done it pre- NF, because I'm scared of heights. But I've been working on getting over my fear, and so I went. And I actually had fun

Points awarded 50 in cool mom category


I did crow poses on both coasts of America. I was able to do one on a Puget Sound Beach, which empties into the Pacific Ocean

and the other on Cape Cod Bay

Wisdom 22.5   Dexterity 13   Charisma 15   Strength 21  Constitution-13

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind' Luke 10; 27

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- Climb 15 things +4 DEX +1 WIS

I \climbed about nine things. some badly. and it was great fun! apart from when I got hurt. most of them were trees. In the last week, I did this often enough to become noticably stronger again, that's nice. but nine things is not 15 things, thus I will award myself 2 DEX and 1 WIS. the main lesson is that I need to be braver about the social reaction to doing this.

- Loose 2 kgs, +2 CON +1 DEX this was a confusing goal. I need to THINK about how I will do this in the future, so I can relax more about it. diet didn't seem to be the best approach for me, since I already eat as healthy and paleo as I possibly can. but I somehow DID loose 2 kgs, so there: 2 CON, 1 DEX

- Drink water every day +3 CON I didn't do this EVERY DAY. but I did grow a solid habit of grabbing a glass of water from time to time during my day, so there is some result. let's say 2 CON.

- Self-express more +3 CHA +1 CON : this became so important. this is not just about playing the whistle or wth. it's about gaining some agency. I need some courage to get what I want and need, to survive living in a foreign country, and to take care of my body well. and I learned so much about THAT that even though I didn't use my facepaint, I feel like I seriously deserved my 3CHA and 1 CON

Mmmh, everyone else seems to be grading stuff?

anyway, this challenge in general was a lot of fun for me, I learned a lot from the struggle with the weightloss goal, there were things that did not work for me AT ALL (such as ''Oh, I will just loose weight by doing SOMETHING UNDEFINED with my diet''), and things that went really good for me (like climbing stuff and playing whistles and learning things). This challenge made me not really DO MORE STUFF, it made me stop and think a bit more about what I am doing and what's important for me.

Nyxy, lvl 13 Werewolf assassin!            Current challenge: butts               Fitocracy

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Goal 1: Do 3 pull ups. C. I managed 1. That's for a total of +1.5 STR and + 1 STA

Goal 2: Stretch every day. A. I may have missed one day for the whole challenge. +3 DEX

Goal 3: Be active for 4 days/wk for at least 20 min. B. +2.25 DEX and + 1.5 CON

Goal 4: Write for 3 hours a week. Totally missed this one. D. +.25 WIS

Rogue Assassin

"You just have to get up one more time than life can knock you down."STR-3.5 DEX-10.25 STA-4 CON-3.5 WIS-6.25 CHA-5 

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