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I've recently joined and I'm about to go to the gym! Horray!

Yesterday my classmate joined me and showed me a back day. My back hurts today ^^

We did some different exercises like: pull-ups, row and dead lift.

Now I will start on my own. So how do I do this?

I am going to go there three times a week.

Day A - Chest day

Warm up (varies from day to day)

Bench Press (5x5)

Overhead Press (5x5)


Day B - Leg Day

Warm up

Squats (5x5)


Day C - Back Day

Warm up

Chin/Pull-ups (5x5)

Row (5x5)


So, here comes the *:

I have no idea how to fill up the rest of the workout :D

Should i go do some random exercises like: on the chest day should I do more shoulders and more chest?

I have no idea what to do at the * :):)

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Well, for the chest day you can do bodyweight dips, 5X5 sets, or dumbbell flyes. For legs definitely do deadlifts. The squats work the front muscles and the deadlifts work the back. Don't leave out the adductors and abductors (sides of the legs), lest your knees take dreadful revenge later. For the back, do good mornings and planks. Your core muscles will need strengthening in order to handle the big heavy things you're picking up and putting down. Of course, for an all-around full body torture, do a farmer's walk. Pick up two heavy things and walk a set distance, say 20 meters, then walk back. Do this two or three times and see if you like it. This is old-time strongman stuff: a lot of lifters use this to finish off a workout, as it works everything.

Hope this helps.

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