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Morning start.


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I'm interested in what people are having for breakfast.

I'm avoiding bread, pasta, potatoes etc (with the aim to losing body fat) but am finding a high protein breakfast is not giving me the start I need.

I have a physical job which requires lots of energy throughout the day.

I would love to hear any suggestions you good people may have.

Thanks in advance.

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i usually have 3 scrambled eggs w/ 1/3 or 1/4 lb of some meat and 1 avocado. that, along with water and coffee, will typically hold me 'til right around lunch time. if not, a few almonds to snack on. the avocado is really what makes the difference; if it were just the meat & eggs, i don't think it would be enough food.

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Lots of coffee is my constant, everything else is variable. :)

I need protein for breakfast, otherwise my blood sugar can get too low and I start to have issues. Sometimes I have eggs/bacon/etc., sometimes I've got premade egg muffins or casserole in the fridge, and other times I'll mix cottage cheese with raw oats.

If there are good leftovers in the fridge, I'm all about having a hamburger, chicken, pulled pork, or something equally delicious for breakfast.

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I usually grab leftovers. Try some high-volume veggies without a vinegar sauce, in addition to the protein and fat. You could even be fairly normal and learn how to make omelets. I think that a spinach and cheese egg scrambler might be decent if the spinach were thawed and pressed.

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I follow a primal lifestyle.

My go-to breakfast is 3 eggs scrambled with mushrooms and red/green bell peppers + 3 slices bacon + A pile (2+ cups) of broccoli sauteed in the bacon fat + A bowl of fresh raw blueberries and sliced handfruit (usually plums). I eat this around 6:30am, and I'm good until lunch at 12:30pm.

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Awesome, thanks everyone, do keep them coming.

I'm getting really tempted to start the Paleo way of life, I've heard so many good things, from friends and this site of course.

Maybe I'll start a 30 day challenge and see what results I get.

Thanks again all.

A diet is not a few weeks but for a lifetime.

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I usually mash some banana with rice/oat milk, small amount of oats and toss in some cherries, blueberries and dried fruit for my first breakfast. It's high in carbs (though usually around 300 cals), but I go for a run about an hour afterwards (up to 8-10 miles some days). Once I get to the office, I have a bran cereal with banana, nuts, seeds, soya / 2% milk and yoghurt to get the protein carbs balance. If I'm not running, I tend to just have the one breakfast that's a combination of the two (this morning was shredded wheat with fruit, yoghurt and nuts).

Diet-wise, I tend to follow a lot of running-oriented advice: wide range of fruit and veg (as many different ones as possible, making up the bulk of my diet), nuts and seeds, dairy, lean meats, and including some grains / pasta etc in moderation. The most important thing for me is making sure I eat the right thing (and amount) at the right time (hence the dual breakfast).

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I have a "breakfast smoothie" for my first meal of the day, usually after a work out. It typically consists of protein powder, almond milk, greek yogurt, bran and a piece of fruit. Approximately ~400 calories and highly filling!


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I like scrambled eggs spread with some Trader Joe's bell pepper+eggplant dip (SO tasty and low calorie.) Some avocado slices would be delicious with this too. Yogurt and granola is also pretty good but doesn't keep me full for long. Although, I don't usually eat much in the morning, just some protein and then I have a mid-morning snack (usually a fiber bar) at work. But I do drink a glass of water first thing when I wake up, which really helps me perk up and get my day started before I even eat anything.

I don't really follow any specific diet, but I try to eat fairly clean and stay under 1500 calories a day.

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As I'm off running and trying to bulk up a bit at the moment, thought I'd mix it up a little today. After my 30 minute morning routine, I grabbed a couple of wholemeal wraps, added pesto; low fat hard cheese; low fat soft cheese; and tomato to one, added mashed banana; almond butter; and dried figs to the other (~500cals for the pair). Zapped them both in the microwave for 90 seconds.

Felt a bit weird eating a "lunch" meal at 6am, but it kept me fuller than cereal, had a good balance of macronutrients, and tasted great. Definitely gonna go with this again.

-- EDIT --

That's "off running" as in "not running" not "going running", for clarification

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I follow a modified Paleo diet (I can't fathom giving up my peanut butter ;_; ). I usually have two scrambled eggs with a small spoonful of cottage cheese and fruit (usually an apple with peanut butter, but today I had a few strawberries and carrots with pb). Sometimes I also have yogurt but not often. Believe it or not that actually fills me up until it's time to eat again. :)

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Bulking: 6 eggs, prepared in whatever way I feel like that day (sunny side up, scrambled, omelette with mixed veggies) on toast.

Cutting: 2 eggs, prepared in whatever way I feel like that day (sunny side up, scrambled, omelette with mixed veggies) on toast.

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My breakfast is as follows:

- One cup of plain fat-free greek yogurt, with half a tbsp of honey, half a cup of granola, and half a cup of sliced strawberries mixed in

- PB2 and sliced banana on two slices of 12-grain bread

- KIND bar for a mid-morning snack

I work retail so my job is also pretty physical, and I work mornings so I usually eat the yogurt and sandwich in the morning around 5 am, then the snack at 8-9 am, then lunch at 11 am-12 pm.

I may cut out the granola though as I'll need to cut down on calories/carbs soon.

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Right now, during the week I have a protein shake consisting of Whole Milk, Whey Protein, Banana, and Coffee. I drink this at around 5:20 am after my work out and it will keep me full untill around 10:00am. I usally have a snack around 9:00 though. Om the weekends I eat bacon and eggs most of the time.


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