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Weirdquark's Putting It All Together Challenge: A Year in Review


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Nice challenge!! Your thread always blows my mind. You are a machine!

My chart of reps is from Practical Programming (I found a scan online that had the table) which was mentioned here - basically it says that women can do more reps closer to their one rep max than men can -- if a woman and a man have the same 5RM, the man will have a higher 1RM than the woman will. So for training, if a guy is doing heavy sets of three at 90% of his max, a woman should do heavy sets of five at 90% of hers to get the same effect. A guy doing ten reps at 70% of his max is doing heavy sets but a women doing ten reps at 70% of her max is doing medium sets; for a heavy load, she needs to do twelve reps. Women also need to do more sets -- we have better endurance than men do, so we need to do more work to get results.

This is so interesting. I'd never thought about it until I saw you talking about it in someone's thread (Laura, maybe?), but it does make sense when I consider my own personal experience with trying heavy singles.

Also, I have GOT to start making nommmmmy protein snacks.

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stinks re: pullups. but -- you'll get 'em.

everything else, you ROCKED.

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Awesome work! Mad props to mindful eating, maybe one day I'll be able to do this too :P

And even though you gave yourself an F with your pull ups I still think 6 consecutive is pretty bad-ass.

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Those pullups are a beast. My goal was to get one. ONE. My weight increase didn't help with that. I've been doing inverted rows, but I don't know if I'm doing them wrong or what,but I can't feel any change in anything. Giving up the gym meant giving up assisted pullup machine, and I still haven't gotten around to buying bands. Anyway, I know what a struggle they are. So it sucks you didn't get there. But you saw improvement.

Also 20 pound increase on your squats when 1. You've been trying to increase squats for so long and 2. You're so close to your body weight is freaking awesome!! Great job on that! I'm jealous!

And nice work on mindful eating. And sticking to it. I start to go a little crazy when I'm off teh scale for too long, so I'm sure that was really a challenge once you got a few weeks in. As always, way to rock the challenge! Nice work!

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Thanks all! I'm pretty pleased overall.

Eating all of the things is great for improving your squat; not so great for improving your pullups. Last time I did the squat/pullup/eating thing I was restricting calories so I lost weight instead of gaining it and increased my pullups from one to five. This time I gained weight and added 20lbs to my working weight for squats and can't quite even do as many pullups as when I started. But so it goes. There's probably a happy medium where I maintain my weight and increase both squats and pullups by a little bit, but I haven't figured out what goals to set if I'm splitting my focus like that.

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Welp, I had guessed based on how I felt that I put on about ten pounds over this challenge and when I weighed myself at the end of it, sure enough, I had put on about ten pounds. I have lost four of them in the past two/three days, so clearly at least some of it was water weight, and there may be more water weight to lose. I know that when I went to Italy and spent my days walking all over the place and eating pasta and gelato I put on ten pounds then too and a week or so after I got back I was back to my pre-vacation weight. So if I'm back down to where I was at the start of the challenge by the end of the week I'll have to retest those 10 consecutive pull-ups. I'm sure I added strength; just not enough to haul up an additional ten pounds of me. But if I am not heavier, there should be at least a little bit of improvement.

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