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Bigm's "He is not human, he is a piece of iron" Challenge


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So I went running tonight at CF. They actually made it fun. Why? See below

For time:

1 mile run (8:40ish I think)

8 push press - 75lbs

800 m run

8 push press - 75lbs

400m run

8 push press

Total: 17:46

See what they did there? They added weights. It warms my Warrior heart. Also, not a bad total time for a guy who hasn't run much in the last few months.

I think I am ready for the Warrior Dash this weekend. What do y'all think :D

You'll do great! That WOD sounds like a lot of fun. One my favorites was, with 12:00 on the clock run 800m then do alternating 5 KB swings/5 KB goblet squats. That one sounds like more fun. And it's a weights I could picture handling!

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