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Razor's first challenge thread


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Well, I knew it would come to this. Three fortnights of hard work and dedication to be had, the first of many to come. So without further ado...

1Gym 3 days a week

Up until last week I was hitting this goal. Then a small pain in my abdomen and the Fall Brawl kinda threw me off. I meant to go tonight, took a nap beforehand, and ended up sleeping until 2 am (on a morning I have to wake up for class at 7). So 45-60 minute heavy weightlifting sessions three days a week for six weeks straight.

+3 STR, +1 CON, +1 STA

2Yoga every saturday and sunday

I have a math class starting up next week, so I won't be able to do my tuesday and thursday afternoon classes anymore. I work on mondays and wednesdays, so I'll have to go on sundays to try to compensate. This also means no staying up late (which is much easier since I've been abstaining from video games).

+3 DEX

3Gain 10 pounds

So yeah, I'm going to attempt to gain in six weeks what I gained in more than 3 months. Reading SS (Just got it in the mail today. So cash.), Rip advocates GOMAD and 3500-6000 calories a day in diet. Says that most beginners should pack on 40-60 pounds in the first six months. I do not believe that 60% of that is LBM (And so far that's the only questionable and most likely wrong claim I've seen him make), but he has been doing this a long time. And while I'm not ready to jump on that level of bulking, I do think my current level of surplus is undermining the growth I'm trying to produce. 10 is an easily grade-able number as well, and if I shatter this goal again I will know to increase it my next six weeks.

+3 CON

LIFE GOAL:Do all homework

So far this semester I have been doing all my homework, so this is a maintain goal rather than an improvement goal. The basis for this is that I have a tendency to start slacking when I see I've been doing good. My accelerated economics course will also be over before this 6 week challenge is finished, so my final grade in that class (an A) will factor in to how I grade myself on this challenge. I also will not count homework that I have done inadequately due to apathy, since that was also a trend that used to appear times long ago.

+3 WIS, +1 CHA

Time to play-ee-ayyyy.

Neutral Good-High Elf Warrior

What we move is far less important than what moves us.

Razor's Three-Fortnight Challenge


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Dude getting 6,000 calories would be so hard, I bulked winter of last year at 4k and felt so sick (full). Good luck to you.

I recently found out that pistachios are super calorie/protein dense. FYI.

Warrior LVL 3

STR: 16.75 DEX: 4 STA: 4 CON: 2 WIS: 8 CHA: 3

Current Challenge: http://www.nerdfitness.com/community/showthread.php?17857-Trad-s-Don-t-drop-that-dun-dun-dun

Current Maxes (lbs):



Squat: 380

Front Squat: 300

Bench: 265

Overhead Press: 155

Deadlift: 455

Clean & Jerk: 225

Snatch: 155



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Weighed in monday night at 155 pounds! My first two weeks I gained NO weight. I also didn't eat much yesterday because I woke up late (no breakfast) and had to run errands in between class (no lunch). And at dinner I didn't put enough pasta to boil and cba to re-cook when I was done eating. Then today I didn't eat lunch because I found my bread to be moldy and I didn't have anything that was easy to cook. I'm going to make up for it tonight after the gym tonight with a truly ridiculous bowl of ice cream and a mass gainer shake (yay for going to sleep bloated!)

Neutral Good-High Elf Warrior

What we move is far less important than what moves us.

Razor's Three-Fortnight Challenge


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