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This is Seth

Well Rounded Meat Tanking

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That's awesome, just was making sure it was accurate. And I looked more into the gorund beef thing, and yeah, even though it is illegal to add water, it is not illegal to add ice during the grinding process to keep the meat cool. A bunch of that 80% can end up being water, hence the protein/fat discrepency.

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Challenge Wrap Up

So then, another challenge where I fell off the face of the earth. Great. Doing good here kiddos.

I had at least a passable excuse this time; wedding season, sickness, and mayhaps a bit too much socializing. I'm okay with it. Pretty weak in the gym at the moment, but I'll survive.

As for the actual goals, they were about 60/40... or 4/7, whatever that maths to. From a social side, I'm pretty upset that Manhattan seems to have fallen apart. No, that's not a joke about Sandy, things kind of fizzled with whatever was happening there and I'm completely in the dark as to why. I did make plans with my brother though, spending Christmas at his place should be fun. We both haven't taken time off in forever, so it'll do us good to sit back and do nothing for a few days, together.

Lifting goals? Meh, I hit the two goals I knew I could. Hit one goal I was unsure of, and then failed two. One I wanted, the other was a lol-goal.

Overall: 63. That grade that would let you skate by but not much more. No, that's not the actual grade based on 4/7, but honestly I don't care about your maths. Will actually be in it to win it next round, got my Spartan Sprint to suit up for on the 18th. So I needs to get serious face. Roar.

Time to go grab a beer with CoreyD. later warriors.

Goals :

[table=width: 800, class: outer_border, align: center]

Fitness Goals :


6 / 10

Well Rounded Booty

6 / 8

HB Squats :

1 @ 315

STR +1 STA +1 - passed

Front Squats :

5 @ 225

STR +1 STA +1 - passed

OverHead Squats :

1 @ 45

DEX +2 - passed

Pistol Squats :

1 @ BW

DEX +1 CON +1 - failed

Well Rounded Moobs

0 / 2

Bench Press :

1x5 @ 200

STR +1 STA +1 - failed

Life Goals :

[td]2 / 5

Well Rounded Golf Swing :

Book Trip to See Quincy

CON +1 WIS +1 - passed

Just Well Rounded :

Make Plans to Fall in Love with Manhattan

CHA +2 WIS +1 - failed :(


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My thinking cap keeps me safe from zombies...


BigM, what sorcery is this? Might need to get Corey in on that one, he's the big DnD guy. I'll start this up on my tablet when I get home to start goofing around with it.

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Dear gods, please don't let there be pictures.

Had a blast with spezz and Corey tonight. Learned to do a kipping pull up, properly do a thruster, how to hate whoever makes you do burpees, got to play with chains on the bench, got strapped over a reverse hyper extension bench, and then almost died on the freeway with Corey at least fourteen times.

Good times!

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I missed this?


Soccer shorts do a booty good.
mee too :(

Curse you people for not being local!

Though I will be in the Boston area the beginning of January for a extended visit/rehearsal with my a-cappella group (we're spread all over the country so are making a trip so we can all be in the same place and rehearse together) -- I don't know how much free time I'll have that won't be taken up with rehearsing or visiting with the other Boston area people I never see, but if my free time lines up, I'd love to get in on some of these Boston nerd lifting sessions. Who works out in the mornings? :D

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