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ConcreteCavewoman's Greek Austerity Measures Challenge


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Well, this challenge was pretty up and down, but all said I feel pretty good about it.

Things I'm happy with:

  • Learning to get out of bed early, consistently
  • Controlling unnecessary spending
  • Being smart about my injury and recovering well. Midway through the challenge I got a minor (what felt like a) muscle tear in my posterior shin. Sore for three weeks every time I put weight on it. So I got it worked, took time off, and came back to running slowly. It sort of killed my running goal but I'm glad it feels better. It also meant that I couldn't attend crossfit, which was a bummer, but at least I learned how to recover right (a great weakness of mine, normally)
  • Getting outdoors and realizing that I feel pretty strong.

Things that could use improvement:

  • Eating right when working overtime. This. is. my. goat.
  • Being consistent with workouts towards the end of the week when I'm feeling tired
  • Getting enough sleep

Final Review:


  1. Kill Your Snooze Button
    34/42 = 80% =
    B, +2.5 CON
    I'm pretty happy about this one. Getting up early and ontime left me more alert throughout the day. Not to mention, fewer mornings lost to endless rounds of snoozapalooza.
  2. Run Faster
    3 Mile: (Current) 30:10 -> (Goal) 29:00
    1 Mile: (Current) 9:25 -> (Goal) 9:00
    400: (Current) 1:49 -> (Goal) 1:40
    200: (Current) :44 -> (Goal) :39
    So close on all my targets, yet so far! Darn my shins.
    0/4 = 0% =
    F, +0DEX
    This was disappointing. It only took two weeks of sprinting for me to end up injured, but at least I know why: warmups. Holy moly warmups. Yesterday, for the first time since I got injured I did some sprint work and the magic difference? Two miles of concerted warmups. Ive learned and can retackle this goal for the next challenge.
  3. Macros, Ahoy!
    28/42 = .67 =
    D, +.5WIS +.5CON
    A very mixed bag. I ended up being swamped in October with work. And if there's one thing I've noticed it's that when I work long hours I tend to make bad choices. I will retool my diet goal next challenge to focus on making my environment one that prevents me from making bad choices. Weights and measurements were pretty much flat for this challenge.


  1. No Spending the Moneys!
    Amount Spent Unnecessarily: 000000000000
    A+, +4WIS
    Jazzed. No spending. Life is still kinda expensive right now since I'm helping out family, but that should hopefully be over by the end of the year, so I'm happy with forming this habit.

Challenge Overall: C-

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