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Librarian of Doom's Staying Connected challenge

Librarian of Doom

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It's never too late to report!! Major congrats on the shoulder stand - that opens tons of new doors for you! As for the zombie run - agreed not the place to try to set a time goal. BUT you know you can do it soon!!!!

I AM going the distance


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Don't worry, I'm reporting late too. If you made progress who CARES if you report late?

Amazingly, we got the same report card. A,C,C,F.

Congratulations on your shoulder stand. LOVE the new photo. Nothing says "WOOOOO" like a snapshot of your goal completion!

Glad to see you did pretty well on your bedtime routine and chore chart. Things take extra finagling when you have to organize more than just yourself (and I can relate... diet and "work time" get squishy when Hubby wants to "help") but a C is great start!

Sorry about the Zombie Meltdown. STILL a 13:26 pace is respectable with someone else in tow like that. I look forward to you revamping it for your next challenge.

On the Pushup-form F.

Main question: Did you learn from your mistakes? You feel you know where your weakness is, so yes. Do you think you were putting adequate work into completing your goal, or are you using the weakness as a crutch? Either way I hope you don't give up on this goal even if you don't carry it over. If you could do the shoulder stand your core is stronger than you think and you CAN do the pushup, you just need more practice!

Have you considered the "Step down" method? You start on an incline stair and do a couple there (which doesn't use all your weight but lets you build strength and stability in the muscles you'll need. Then as you progress (can do more with straight spine and less wobbling) choose a lower stair. Continue until you can do a full pushup at ground level.

I know you can do it!

GREAT job overall LoD! We're hardest on ourselves, but through vague-stalking I can tell you've been making progress and CAN live up to your goals. They weren't overly ambitious, but everyone ends up with hurdles. Keep pushing!!

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Nice work on the shoulder stand, and it definitely sounds like you could have hit your 5k goal.

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This is so embarrassingly late that probably no one will read it, but oh, well. Book fair last week made me drop off the face of the earth, and now academic team season is in its super hectic time. But no excuses; I was just not making posting a priority.

You know, people were starting to talk. Har har.

No, really, what cline said. Never too late to report! I think you've got your ducks in a row to have a kick-ass challenge next time around. And...girlio...shoulder stand? Muy bien!!

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