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Majora's "Rut to Routine" Challenge


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So allow me to be frank. There are a few motivations to this challenge:

  1. About 9 months ago, I was showing a 4 pack for the first time in my life. Needless to say, I'm keeping it under a pad of ice at the moment
  2. I've been out of routine for the past 6 weeks due to a lower back injury, (Don't lift heavy things in an environment where you cant stand up straight. I say this from experience) and desperately want to get back into being regular at the gym
  3. Lastly and most vainly, for work, I have to use a community shower. With other guys. We're all naked. I've gotten over the shower shy, but self-esteem wise, I feel like crap being a (very capable but) lumbering sack of fat.

Now my confessions are out on the table, and its time to get my nose on the grindstone.


Not me by the way. I'm not white :D


I LOVE weight lifting. Its one of the most awesome things known to man kind. Who knew that [1. Move heavy object 2. Move back heavy object 3. Repeat] could be so satisfying. Well if getting into that routine was just that easy, especially since I have so many ambitions. This is why this goal has 2 parts:

Part Un: Weight Lifting

Goal: Lift at least 4 times a week

How: I'm going back to this workout plan that I track on JeFit. Its a hefty lifting routine, but it produced amazing results when coupled with decent cardio (see point 1). I'll be keeping a daily log each day I do something, so I'll keep honest

Reward: STR +3

Part Deux: Cardio

To survive the up-and-coming Zombie Apocalypse I need to become true to the No. 1 Rule of Zombie Land. Most importantly, I need to get into a habit of doing this.

Goal: 3x a Week, at Least 5 miles total

How: Putting on shoes usually helps. Its finally getting cool enough in Houston that I can run outside in the mornings. Also, during my lunch break, there's a gym facility I can use on site, so that is my second option. Lastly, I could always run after I lift.

Reward: STA +2, DEX +2

Goal 2- Look Better Naked

I have all the motivation I need here (see point 3). My weight has increase about 10 lbs since the back injury (my eating has been super crappy),

putting me at 197 lbs and 23.5% body fat, or 46.6 lbs body fat

Goal: Get down to 21.5% body fat, or loose about 5 lb of fat at this current weight.

How: In addition to attempting Goal 1, I will limit eating out to 1 per week; I eat quite reasonably healthy when I make my own food. Also, I will start keeping a food diary (which may be the death of me)

Reward: CON +2, CHA +2

So there you have it. Now to actually get down to business.

Blood Sweat and tears,





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